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    My vet will not remove teeth for this condition. He’s seen too many cats with teeth rsmoved prior to seeing him, that still have the same conditon. Because you’re just addressing the symptom and not the cause. My cat is doing well, eating, happy. We boosted her immune system with a high quality food (Natural Balance, human quality food) some vitmins, and took her to a homeopathic vet. You should never give steroid shots for this, as it is very damaging to the whole system, even tho the vet will tell you cats handle it well. They’ll end up with kidney disease or diabetes. I know all this because I had lupus, was on steroids for 10 years, found a homeopath, and now have no evidence of lupus. A new dr. I saw for something else can’t believe I had lupus. You need to let the body find it’s own healing with the help of homeopathy. Email me at

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