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    My friends, Siobhan has emailed and let us know that it is time for Tansey to pass to the bridge. She is calling the home vet tomorrow. She needs our prayers, thoughts and comfort during this time. She doesn’t know when she can return to TDK, but she will. Right now this is tearing them up and we know how that is. Please send her prayers, white light and healing hugs for her, hubby, Hermes and Tansey.

    Tansey, we all love you and will miss you so much. Thank you for loving your mommy and daddy and brother, and being a part of their lives and ours. Peaceful passing angel.

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    Oh, I am so, so sorry. My heart goes out to Siobhan and her hubby, Hermes and Tansey. Tansey, you are so cherished, go to sleep in the arms of your mum, who loves you so much. Godspeed, little girl.

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    Sio, I am so so sorry. You are in my thoughts, and whenever you are ready to come back we are all here waiting with open arms. May you rest in peace, Tansey. ((Sio))

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    Oh, no!!! I thought she was doing a little better! My heart is breaking for all of them… 🙁 Lots of hugs and prayers to each one. Poor, precious, sweet Tansey……

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    I’m so sorry Siobhan,RIP Tansey.

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    I’m so sorry, Sio. {{{Tansey}}} It’s OK sweet girl, you can go now, and wait for your meomy to come for you. She will, I promise.

    {{{{Sio, Mr. Sio, Tansey and Hermes}}}

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    Lynn from PA 6/8

    I am so sorry to hear this. Siobhan, may God’s peace be with you and give you comfort. Tansey, RIP, dear one.

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    Prayers and hugs Siobhan and family. Rest in Peace Dear Sweet Tansey.

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    Siobhan, I’m so sorry, sending {{{{hugs}}}} for all. Tansy will find lots of friends over The Bridge.

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    Hugs and prayers and many Memories of happier days.

    Peace and Prayers


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    More loving arms to await you, Miss Tansey….The Meadow is abundant with many new friends for you to meet. Your family will miss you greatly, and will always be thankful for the many years you shared together.

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    I’m so sorry, Siobhan! Godspeed to sweet Tansey.

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    I’m so sorry, Siobhan! I’m sending hugs and prayers as well {{{Siobhan, family and Tansey}}}

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    I am so sorry…Tansey, you lived in love…(((Siobhan)))

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    Sio, I don’t know what to say. Words seem so hollow at times like these. Know that you, hubby and Tansey are all in my thoughts and prayers. Please come back, as hard as it is, we are all here to hug you and support you and hold you up!

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    Tansey put up the good fight. Now it is time for her to rest. Prayers and hugs for the both of you…

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    Sio!… and Miss Tansey!…. so sorry!… love and purrhuggs!

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    nawlins catmom

    Dear Sio, so sorry to hear this news about Tansey! She lived in the shelter of your love, and now will rest in peace until you meet again, feeling no more pain, surrounded by all the TDK kitties who have gone before her… {{{Sio, Mr Sio, Hermes and Tansey}}}

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    Hugs and purrs..

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    Dear Sio, May the bright memories of Tansey’s time with you comfort and sustain you through the hard days ahead. Her memory will eventually shine through like a beacon as she rests in the paws of the Wolf and greets new friends in the Meadow. Peace and love to those she is leaving behind: Sio, her husband and Hermes.

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    {{Siobhan}} {{Tansey}}

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    Sio, I am so sorry; the hardest thing we have to do is help our furrbabies cross the bridge. You will be with her, and she will be surrounded with your love and comfort.

    She will wait for you in the meadow, healthy and pain free, protected by the Wolf, and enjoying the company of all of the TDK kits and pups who will welcome her arrival.

    {{{Sio, Tansey, Hermes, and Mr. Sio}}}

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    With tears, prayers and love to you. Tansey will meet my Kirby and Molly~~~~

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    Sio, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you and with Tansey. I know only too well how hard the decision is to make, even when you know that it is the best decision for Tansey. It hurts your heart so much. Hold her close and your voice and touch will guide her.

    There are no words – I can only say that I will be thinking of you.

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    I’m so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you Siobhan and Tansey…. this is such sad news, Duchess sends her cuddles and purrs. Mr. DM and I send out our hugs and warmth.

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    Siobhan, my heart goes out to you upon making this hard and very sad decision. Sending prayers, white light and healing hugs for Siobhan, hubby, Hermes and Tansey. May Tansey have a peaceful passing tomorrow. Many kitties and some goggies will greet Tansey at the Bridge.

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    I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Siobhan. RIP, Tansey. You will have lots of angels to play with.

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    Sending my prayers as well, Gentle hugs to sweet Tansey, and a warm welcome to the meadow awaits her.

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    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Very gentle hugs to Ms. Tansey in her crossing over to the Meadow, there are so many waiting to greet you (Max and Kinker and a very large gentle Rottie Zeus). Thoughts and prayers along with healing energies to you Siobhan,your husband and Hermes. The Crew sends their best wishes to Tansey.

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    My condolences to you and Mr. Sio. May peace and blessings be yours during this sad time. Go with God, Tansey.

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