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    Great new Stace, keep up the good work.



    Hi Stace,

    Our little kitty got ringworm about 2 months ago AND passed it on to me too! That being said, he has the perfect glossy black coat now. (New here and don’t yet know how to use an avatar). It started at the back of his little

    ears and spread all around him in just 2 days or so! The vet gave an ointment. We smeared the poor little guy with it but he licked and lost all his appetite. So we stopped using medication. I had read online that ringworm is self-limiting and would eventually go away. That’s exactly what we did (no creams, no dipping) and it worked. We isolated him in a room for about a month. We wore special clothing to go into that room and wore gloves on our hands etc. Although it took loads of patience and looked too impossible at times, it’s all like a distant memory now (only 2 months on!) So don’t despair. It will go away and there is absolutely NO reason why you should let the kittie go! Just wait for him to heal and then disinfect the whole house with 1:10 bleach water. Remember to wash curtains and other linen. Also, let lots of fresh air and if possible sunlight in the room/house. If you get ringworm too, use an over the counter antifungal cream everyday for 4 full weeks. Change clothing everyday and wash the sores everyday too. And if you believe in herbal remedies…put some mustard paste on your sores (NOT the cat’s! It stings!) and they will be gone in no time. Another alternative (which can be used on the cat as well) is using aloe gel. A great safe alternative to poisonous antifungal creams!

    Good luck!



    Hi Stace, sorry, missed this thread last week. Reed sounds adorable, glad he’s got you fighting his corner. Welcome to TDK Chat, look forward to hearing more about Reed and Casey (and you!) – we share an ambition by the way, I too plan to be a little old lady with a bad pink hair rinse and as many cats as I can fit into my house… :o)



    Hi everyone! Just discovered this thread for help because I’m going through the same situation and its’s absolutely exhausting.

    We rescued two cats 3-4 weeks ago, one of them was suspected of ringworm from before as the previous owner mentioned it. We took them both to the vets and they both glowed (not massively) under the wood’s lamp on their heads and back feet. But we can’t see any loss of hair or scabbing. So we took them straight home, cleaned the entire house, spraying anti-fungal solution on bed covers, curtains, carpets, belongings, literally everything! And washed them. Bleached floors etc. Also cleared one of the rooms out so they could be isolated in there. This was on the 23rd Jan, so just over 3 weeks ago, but it has felt like FOREVER. Every day we get up very early in the morning, put on disposable gloves, shoe covers and overalls before work to rub hibby scrub on them and then rinse off 10 mins later. Then repeat again in the evening after work, and then every 2-3 days we clear out the room, spray every toy, bed, food bowls, litter tray, everything with the anti-fungal spray while they go in a crate in the same room while we hoover and bleach the floor. Then wait till it dries, and put out new cardboard boxes for play etc and bedding.

    Anyway, during all this time one of them has also had A URI, he still eats, drinks and poos, but has a runny nose, coughing fits (which are really scary), very lethargic, runny red eyes and we’ve also noticed that his ears have developed a black crust on the outside, with brown flaky bits on the outside skin. Does anyone know what this is?

    We have taken him to the vets 3 times, to which the vet says he can’t do anything about the URI, it just has to ‘ride out’, and there’s nothing to worry about because he is eating. On the third trip he was given an antibiotic and some injection that should help with the coughing (giving to animals with bronchitis). He looked better in the next three days, all bouncy and playful but now he is constantly sleeping again and snorting and coughing. We have also had a humidifier in the room for the last two or more weeks, with Olbas oil in it which we change daily, and we also add it to his bedding to help with the congestion. We also keep the heating on while at work and at night as we’re worried the cold will make him worse, even though we’re worried about the bill and baking at night.

    Not really sure what I’m asking here… just kind of needed to vent it all. I’m at a tethered end. All I want is for them to get better and have them lying on our beds again and watching TV on our laps. We rescued them both from abroad in September and they were with a foster mum since Jan because the ringworm risk meant they couldnt come home, even though they’re with us now and still have it!

    I had one lovely time when we got them both back with them on my lap where I could stroke them without gloves and it felt so short lived, I want them back to badly. It’s been putting a lot of stress on my relationship with my boyfriend also, as we have been waiting for them for so long, and only argue now because we’re both exhausted and stressed…

    So hi…this is my situation. Sorry for the massive rant guys! Hugs?

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