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    OK, as promised, here is how I post pics to site. I believe that there are easier ways, JK has provided help on this, and KM, if you can add some tips, please do. But this is the way that works for me, and I do post lots of pics LOL.
    Main thing is that you cannot post a pic directly from your ‘puter. It has to be on a photo hosting site. I use Photobucket. It is free. You set up a password and get a “library” where you can store your pics. The interface is user-friendly and allows you to click on any photo that you have saved on your ‘puter and upload it. For my own photos my cell phone camera can copy them on to my desktop.
    For other fun photos on the ‘Net you can google what you are looking for and click on images, ie “cats and caviar”. The amount of photos out there is infinite!
    With my system I can “grab” photo, it gets saved to desktop as “png”. Then I upload it to Photobucket. Site also allows you to resize/edit/enhance pics.
    To copy photo to TDK I click on url as assigned on Photobucket and do a Copy/Paste. The only thing to be aware of is that if you delete a photo on Photobucket it also gets deleted from TDK, as in effect it no longer exists on Internet.
    As mentioned, there are probably other ways to do this, but I like this one.
    If you’re interested here’s the link:
    Hope that this helps!

    Profile photo of Kittyzee

    Yes, actually it does. It makes sense since I was trying to post pics from my ‘puter. I have a photo sharing site, just not photobucket. But I imagine shutterfly will work as well. When I have time, and I’m on my other computer, I will try it. My passwords are upstairs and I am not! Thank you so much, I have lots of pics to share!

    Profile photo of katzenjammer

    GR8 KZ!
    Not all that tech savvy, but would think that any photo storage site would work. Eagerly await eventual photo show of your entire furry crew. 🙂

    Profile photo of Emily NP
    Emily NP

    Thanks for the tips! I’ve been linking to my instagram, but that still leaves a click-through link. I’ll set up a photo bucket for next time.

    Profile photo of JerseyJoan

    Thank you for the tips, KJ!
    Tom, would it be okay if I made this a “sticky” topic? Or we could just have some key words to make the tread easy to find.
    My problem is that I’m almost always on my phone.


    Stickied 🙂

    Any photo sharing site would work as long as it a) gives you a url to share the photo and b) the photo is public i.e. I’ve seen it when people try to share pics from their facebook albums, but their profile is not public (can only be viewed by friends). This usually won’t share the picture.

    Profile photo of Kittyzee

    Thanks you everyone! I thought I would look into my photos on Shutterfly, but like Tom said they have to give you a url. I’m not very techie, but I don’t think the Shutterfly does this. I’m in the process of transferring pics from my computer to Photobucket. I figure it’s free (a lot of these sites are) AND it gives me protection in case my computer crashes and my pictures are safe somewhere else. It will take me a while to figure all this stuff out…. 😀


    I have shutterfly….man I havnt linked anything in ages tho. I seem to remember using if to link something here tho

    Profile photo of Jeankit

    Bumping for newbies!

    Profile photo of lagatta

    Yes, if you go to my profile you might see a corner of a box (which contains a kitten, of course). I couldn’t edit it onsite. I really don’t know how to do it.

    Profile photo of pussigato

    Hi Lagatta,

    Go to the “your account” link in the upper right corner. Click on change picture and it will walk you through the process.

    Profile photo of Tammy M.
    Tammy M.

    Ok, this is very frustrating. I can’t get any photos to work right. First I was on my iPad and I uploaded a profile photo but it wouldn’t let me edit it so you saw the whole picture. So I got a shutterfly account, but there’s no way to get the photo uploaded as my profile picture. So I thought maybe it just doesn’t support iDevices so I got on my laptop and tried again but I had the exact same problems. I then tried some test posts in the test forum from my laptop and none of the methods of posting the link actually put the picture in the comment. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I’d love to share pictures!

    Profile photo of katzenjammer

    Welcome Tammy,

    Most (if not all) of us use Photobucket. You upload pic(s) from your desktop to Photobucket. Then you can click the “img” link above text box on this site and do copy/paste of the “http …” ID that Photobucket provides for your pic. Relatively easy and free. KJ

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