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    Mittens is 11 weeks old and weve had her for 3 weeks.

    She was litter trained and all seemed well until she has suddenly decided she likes to wee on our bed!

    Its getting very frustrating because we have to keep washing the bedding, and strubbing the matress clean.

    She has also started weeing and pooping in the bath!

    I dont want to stop her having free range of the house, but finding myself shutting doors.

    Advice anx tips would be greatly welcomed!



    The first thing I would do is use an enyzme cleaner for the sheets and bedding.You can buy it at pet supply stores, it breaks down teh proteins in the pee. Cats have such a strong sense of smell that sometimes normal cleaners don’t get rid of their scent enough.

    Second I would also check to see if kitty has a UTI. That is usually the most common cause for out of the box peeing



    Many TDKers also swear by a product called Kitten or Cat Attract. You sprinkle it in their litterboxes, it often seems to help. (Also click the pink tag ‘litter box’ for previous advice on this subject.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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