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    For Chrissy – Rest In Peace

    For the world:



    Thanks JK and PG for your responses. It’s good to see that there are caring people in the world. Of course with TDKers it’s a natural trait!



    Crissy had a degree in social work and worked in a homeless shelter among the toughest clientele – a shelter that accepted people who were intoxicated with alcohol, drugs or both (I have a friend who works in a homeless shelter and you have to be tough as well as caring for such a job). Alas she was not the only victim who worked in a caring profession. Australian nurse Kirsty Boden, working in London, actually ran towards the attack to help victims and was killed herself. I believe that some of the paramedics were also injured, as was a man with training in martial arts who tried to overcome the terrorists.

    Funny, Crissy and Kirsty are very similar names, and they were about the same age.



    Today’s News as a Lighter Furry/Purry Version:
    Beloved Cat Turns 15, So Family Throws Her A Quinceañera
    cat on quincinera
    A family in Charlotte, North Carolina decided to throw their cat, Luna, a beautifully frilly quinceañera for her 15th birthday.
    cat wearing crown
    “She’s not just an ordinary cat, she’s a member of our family,” one of her owners, Brigitte Olavarria, told HuffPost. “She has a big personality and it doesn’t go unnoticed”.

    LMyPurryButtOff 😉



    I loved that and sent it to friends. She put up with that indignity with great … dignity, since a 15-year-old cat is far from adolescence. They enjoyed the fluffy story after such horrible news everywhere.



    TGIF’s COA: Here’s Monty 😀 !

    This Cat Was Rejected Because Of His Face, Now His Destiny Is Different! (VIDEO)

    Monty the bunny cat

    COA as Bunny-faced Kitteh!



    With Honor & Remembrance for US Hero:

    Heather Heyer

    Heather No Place for Hate

    Heather as  li'l girl

    Special Condolences for family and all who she touched in her short life.

    Heather Heyer



    Must Share follow up story on Heather Heyer’s Mother:

    …Bro added, “I’m also extremely sorry that he chose to kill my child and to injure a bunch of other people. He didn’t have the right to do that … This wasn’t a video game, buddy. This was real people. There are real consequences to what you did, and I’m sorry you chose to do that. You have ruined your life. You’ve disturbed mine. You took my child from me, and I’m going to be the voice she can no longer be.”

    “I want her death to be a rallying cry for justice and equality and fairness and compassion,” she said.



    Tried to share video of Heather Heyer’s Memorial Service but didn’t come up…
    So…still must share as reminder during this dark time in the US:
    Heather Heyer Matters
    “They tried to kill my child to shut her up. Well, guess what? You just magnified her,” Heather Heyer’s mother, Susan Bro, says at her memorial service.



    Rally Cat

    It’s official: Cardinals won’t be getting Rally Cat

    St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach is still looking for someone to adopt the cat, Watkins said.

    Watkins said the group has not yet decided how to pick which family will get the little kitten.

    “We are looking for a serendipitous match,” Watkins said.

    For now, Rally Cat is being housed with a volunteer and needs to gain more weight before it can be adopted.

    People interested in adopting Rally Cat can email the organization at 314-669-5228 or email at

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