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    So you’re not going out on New Years Eve? Or maybe you’re going to a nice gathering but want to do something else as well? Come to the café, where you can wear your PJ’s or your fancy threads, or anything in between!

    As you know, I usually paint the café with different seasons. Today the café is a winter wonderland, complete with the snowflake cutouts agency kits made the other day! The finest dinnerware and linens set the tables, and pretty candles light the room. Agency waiter kits are ready for your custom food order. Even the simplest of foods will be served with class!

    Windows and doors are open, bringing the outside in. The fireplace is glowing, and snow is colliding with the steam from the big hot tub. I think that’s where I’ll be!

    Agency kits are planning on some fireworks later (don’t worry, just like the temps are always purrfect in TDK land despite the weather, fireworks are never too loud), but the big spectacle is yet to come.

    My very own Shaddo and Jiggs, along with many TDK cats, are having a party of their own. The Meadow looks much like the café does now, with the stark night sky and endless stars. At midnight your time, they are going to purr in chorus. Happily purring cats is one of the finest sounds ever, and a great way to ring in the new year! Earth meets Meadow tonight, a rare occasion indeed.

    Happy New Year, dear TDKr’s. I wish all the best for you in 2018.

    main coon new years picclock kittenswintercat in snow



    Livia would like to go out (see last picture above) but unlike that picture, with the gently falling snow in what looks like not-very-cold weather, it is punishingly cold here. When she does try to go out into the back garden, she sniffs the frigid air and swiftly changes her mind, but is very stir-crazy. So no open doors or windows!

    Happy New Year to Moonshadow!

    A neighbour is having some of us over for brunch, but I’m not going to go out this evening, far too cold and several of my closest friends are away this year. This is not a problem, as I have a lot of work to do and intend to turn in early and get up around 6 am tomorrow.

    I’ll celebrate when one of my friends returns from a long stay in Cuba on the 10th, and when the extreme cold wave should have at least abated.

    I’m making empanadas, and chicken stock. Livia is sleeping on her chair in my home office.

    Do any of you follow “lucky” food traditions? They exist in many countries and cultures for the New Year.



    After a repast fit for a king and queen –

    Kits napped:

    and then the kits discover snow:

    and napped:

    What a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

    Have a happy 2018~



    Where is the big spread of food in the first photo?



    My “lucky food” tradition comes from a former TDKr. One is supposed to eat a grape at each tone of the midnight hour. That’s actually pretty fast, so I settle for consuming 12 grapes at midnight. And yes, I’ve got grapes!

    Had a nice family gathering at mom’s last night; eldest brother is up from out of state. Chinese food and good conversation. Today I met my brothers and nephew at the theater and we saw Star Wars. Tonight hubby and I and the cats plan to be in front of the wood burner and watching TV. Hey, the Giants won today, woo-hoo!



    JJ, as always I love the way you paint with words and the accompanying pics too! I can well envision my beloved Nicky joining in the purry chorale, he was for sure a par-tay kit, always dressed in his smart tuxedo!

    PG, love your description of the Café action, very cinematic!
    The wee tuxie romping about in the fresh snow – squeee!!!!!!

    I do have grapes in fridge but nit a good plan point in time, stomach not complying as yet and knowing probably why helps a bit, but doesn’t take it away and the ensuing weakness doesn’t stop me from doing my reg stuff but stresses me out. Rib thankfully better though.

    Lagatta, who knows? But that is one ginormous buffet.

    Surprised that shopping malls were super-packed today. Picked up burgundy booties then high-tailed it homewards. Did stop by in n’hood posh store where the bags are to my liking. Nice sale but huge line-up – and sale ends today! So I ordered bag online and had it sent to this same store – ready for pick-up like on Tues in 15 mins. That’s good CS! Better yet, my 2 prs of boots slated to arrive on Tues have had their price lowered yet again, I’m now saving $40! I’d called as I’d seen lower price online. :mrgreen:

    Although some cities have nixed their New Years public celebration plans, not my city. The fete takes place in the Old Port which as someone mentioned is right by the water so with the wind blowing it will be beyond cold. Needless to say I will not be attending and wish bon courage to those who do. Cold will last at least until next week so “they” say.

    Of course the same peeps complaining about the intense cold will be complaining about the intense heat/humidity come July (‘cept me). Such is human nature. *Sigh*



    JJ, in reading the opening for today, I got tears in my eyes and got choked up. It’s emotional the way you can paint a picture with words, and one I find so much comfort in. Wouldn’t it be grand to walk into a place like the cafe, with all of our wonderful TDK friends….to visit in perfect weather and to see our Meadow Kits and visit with them again? *sniff*

    We went out for a late lunch/early dinner (like old folks do 😛 ) and I have my comfy clothes on already. I need to put clean sheets on the bed before we can even sleep in there so best get to it!

    Happy New Year wonderful TDK friends! I am blessed to know each and every one of you. Stay safe, have a wonderful evening doing what you love best!



    Same to you KZ! I’m already in my cozy flannel plaid nighty (all I need is the country house to go with it LOL) and am staying put for the night.



    The food was part of a New Years brunch at Harrah’s in Las Vegas. There was a seafood table, vegan table and dessert table. It opened at midnight and went to noon. 😮

    Posole is pure New Mexican comfort food and considered a lucky New Years dish. It’s a rich, spicy corn based dish made in New Mexican families for generations. The recipe is from “las comidas de las abuelas” (the food of the grandmothers).

    Woohoo-Steelers! Woohoo-Giants! I was being silly in thinking the Jets would beat NE.

    I’m going to write to Justin and tell him to hurry up and approve the marijuana bill. You needs some KJ-trust me. 😉

    Nice savings!

    Feliz Año Nuevo a mis amigos!




    Meant to change the sheets today, but I want to flip the mattress so I’ll do it tomorrow when hubby can help me.
    KJ, flannel nighties are where it’s at! I’m in my comfy wear too.
    Berta is in tonight, sleeping closer to the fire. Smart Berta.



    Hey guys, great cafe today, de javue of years past! Love it!!

    The entire fam, including 87 year old gram went to the historic Columbia restaurant in Ybor city tonight, for dinner and a flamenco show …. so fun!! We took the trolley from downtown, which we can walk to ….. waiting to see the fireworks show from bayshore shortly.

    Lagatta, my fam does the traditional black eyed peas and southern collard greens for new years ….. nice and light after so much heavy food!

    Happy new year all!!

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