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    Missing woman found in N.M. forest Albuquerque, N.M. — A woman who was missing for nearly a month in a New Mexico national forest was found emaciated Wednesday in a sleeping bag with her cat by her side, authorities said. Authorities said Margaret Page, 41, took some food with her but ran out, and stayed alive by drinking water from a nearby creek. She fed her cat, Miya, with cat food she had packed. She was located by a rescue crew in the Gila National Forest



    Pretty weird, huh? Doesn’t sound like the whole story…I mean who goes hiking with their cat?!



    Some people leash train their cats and take them out for walks. Maybe this is like that? I’m surprised that she didn’t eat the cat food herself! Cats can catch their food after all.


    This woman has suffered with a mental illness for quite some time. I found it heart-warming that her cat loves her so much and wouldn’t leave her side. I pray for her.



    My brother and his wife have taken their cat camping with them for years. There is a guy who is long-distance hiking who travels with his cat. (pretty sure he’s on YouTube somewhere).



    Didn’t someone here use to hike with a cat? I seem to remember someone from 4-5 years ago. I believe it was a regular poster and that the kitty passed away a few years ago. Now it’s going to drive me nuts that I can’t remember!



    there was a movie “harry and tonto” starring art carney. he traveled the roads with the cat on a leash.



    i am going to leash train Bronson and Melinda this year. wish me good luck !!!

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