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    Angelababy Benjamin

    What color does the hair-dye more eyeball? The following mother net encyclopedia is to introduce a few hair-color, lets you be relaxed the secret of the mirror.Check it out !

    1. Noble brown
    Unlike the ordinary brown, the aristocracy has the elegance and charm of the European aristocracy with a touch of elegance and a sense of intoxication.People who like this color must be intellectual and honorable.

    2. Orange brown
    Orange brown is a very Japanese color, very energetic.Love sports and bodybuilding sunshine girls must try this vibrant color.

    3. Wine red
    Wine red is a popular hair-color in recent years, it is also a more versatile color.Whether it is skin white MM, or skin dark MM, the hair-that tie-in this color can appear white and tender, return to 20 years instantly.

    4. Soft bright red
    Soft and bright red is the variation of wine red.This red with a spot of copper red texture, very shiny, very soft, very suitable for fashionable women.The most important point is that this hair-color is very white.

    5.Green flax
    Blue flax is a very unique color.But before dyeing this color, you need to rinse your hair, very damaging to hair.Add green flax to fade more quickly, need to be constantly tinted, so plan to dye blue flax of dear friends must think carefully before line.

    How hot is long hair
    The long curly hair-is romantic and the change, absolutely can let you in summer beautiful! So, here’s the problem. What hairstyle does the long curly hair-look good? How hot is long hair? Here are some of the hair-styles with Hair Sisters Wholesale.

    Shaggy medium long hair-perm, tie-in the design of the slanting bangs, easy to achieve the effect that repair a face;The colour of brown hair-color is lined with skin delicate white, make fashionable sweet temperament come.

    The slanting liu sea is light and light, as if the hair-is infused with a full sense of air, such as a cloud of soft.The long h
    air-curls naturally on the cheek, sweet and beautiful.

    You can try this hair-with long curly hair.Thick bangs instantly make your face cut in half, and the long curly hair-is simple with sex, absorbing the eye.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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