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    Woow just found this website, Ive been reading thru the posts and have picked up on some great info! What a great website!

    Maybe some1 can help me with my question…

    I have a 10 week old kitten, her name is Ruby and shes a very happy and healthy kitten! I think the world of her and love fussing and playing with her.

    The only thing I want to ask about is something she keeps doing…

    When shes ready to nap, if im lying down she will come up to my ear and nestle in my neck and start nibbling/sucking my ear lope! She purrs really loud and seems to be getting alot of comfort from doing it! I hate to pull her away but even when I do she insists on approaching my ear again and if I cover it she goes round to the other one!

    I was just wondering if this is a sign shes really really missing her mum?

    And if any1 has had this and found a way to solve it?

    Thank you for reading 🙂 Sarah & Ruby xxxx



    Welcome to the family PP (we’re big on shortcuts here lol). I can’t help much with the sucking/nibbling but I do know that little ones are the best!


    Hi, Petite Princess! Little Ruby sounds like a wonderful kitty. How long have you had her? Kittens are weaned from their mothers at around ten weeks. She may be trying to comfort herself as she falls asleep by going through the motions of nursing. Does she knead you with her paws too? One of our TDKers has a cat that insists on sucking on a blanket each night with his human mom. Your kit may outgrow this in time.

    Please keep posting. We love to hear about people and their cats. If you can, please consider creating a webpage for Ruby on Catster.dom. It is free and easy to do. Most of us have them. You can link the Catster page to your avatar on TDK by editing your profile. Please click on my avatar to see my two cats, Digit and Furl. 🙂



    Welcome Blackbeard likes to suckle on my hubbys fuzzy robe, and I know that GD’s Bob has his own blankie to suckle on..I really don’t know about sounds pretty cute actually, but I imagine it feels pretty weird..I’m sure someone around here will be able to help.



    Hi, PP! Sucking and nibbling are signs of love. I would let her do it because it gives her joy and comfort.



    Think of your ear as a human child’s favorite blankie. Kittens learn to knead and suckle as infants, many continue doing one or both after they grow up. It’s probably not so much that she misses her cat mom, but that she gets a warm, safe fuzzy feeling from suckling. She probably also likes your body heat and the smell of your breath.

    If you are worried you may end up with holes in your ears, try putting a fuzzy blanket around your neck. Use the same fuzzy blanket when you are smuggling with Ruby. She might transfer her affections to the blanket.



    Hi PP, welcome to TDK! Ruby sounds like a real little sweetheart – I take that’s her in the avator picture? The blanket ideas are good, I know of several TDKers who have blanket sucking cats & kittens! Very young kittens also seem to like having something to snuggle up to (reminds them of their siblings) – so you might like to get a little cuddly toy; beanie type toys are ideal.


    KYKAT 12 23

    Gracie used to do that to me. When she was ready to go to sleep, I would sit in bed with a pillow over my crossed legs, put gracie on the pillow lean over her a bit to cuddle her and let her knead and nuzzle my arms while I talked softly to her and stroked her. She is 7 now and it has gone from her bedtime routine to our wake up routine and it is special time. When she is on the pillow, I can roll her on her back and rub her tummy and kiss her jellyben paw pads. She left my ears and neck alone, once we started having our cuddle time. Good luck with your cuddly baby.



    PP I can now see your kittie gravatar…Is this Ruby??? she is beautiful!!! My kitties just sent a friends request!!



    Hey all! Thanks for the response to my question and the welcomes! This website is great!

    In response to a few of your replies, Ive had Ruby 2 and half weeks now!

    I feel so bad for her when I have to pull her away from my ear but once I lay on the sofa doing nothing for 20 mins and she still wasnt ready to leave my ear lope alone! I guess its nice cause it means she must trust me 🙂

    Im defo gonna try the fuzzy blanket idea!

    I cant actually see the gravatar its just a black box but if you can see a piccy of a kitten then yes thats her! I uploaded one on the gravatar website, perhaps its something im not doing as to why I cant see the picture myself!

    And i followed what ‘Kitten Whisperer in Oregon’ said and have created a caster page for Ruby!

    Thanks again

    Sarah and Ruby xxxx



    Oh, she is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

    COA’s at the ready before you click on the catster link guys!!! This is one cute kitten 🙂



    …try hitting ctrl/F5 PP, that might help you seen your avator.



    Try pressing the ctrl + F5 or cleaning out your internet history, that usually helps or try to refresh the page..I can see her and she is adorable..loved her catster pics too!



    My guys have sent a friend invite. She’s beautiful!


    Ah yes, she’s a calico like my Patches. Yes, she needed more time with her mom. Patches used to suck on my leg–she thought I was her mommy, since I rescued her from feral at 5 1/2 weeks old. Ruby was a litle too young also so she’s transferred her mom-attachment to you. Patches finally outgrew it after I would remove her from my lap when she did it–I had hickies on my thighs, not the corporate look. Welcome and enjoy the kittens!



    What a beautiful little gem Ruby is. Welcome PP – my kitties just sent Ruby a friends invite on Catster.



    Aww such a beautiful kitten! Ever since I got my kitten at 10 weeks (16 wks now), he nurses on my lips!!! When he gets sleepy he comes and find me (usually on the couch), jumps up, walks over to my face, lays his body down and starts to push his paws into my neck while he nurses on my lips… He does this with his eyes closed. He looks like a little baby nursing. If I try to push him away, he cries or makes this cute little noise like “eh eh”. Makes me feel bad.. But it does look funny when I have visitors over and my kitten is making out with me!

    My question is also should I make him stop or allow him to feel this comfort?? I feel bad and just let him do it but I definitely don’t want it to become a habit when he is older and much larger. It would look funny! 😉



    Welcome to TDK PP, love your little kitty. My daughter has a cat called Ruby who looks very similar to your Ruby. She was a rescue cat and is very very loving. I showed your catster page to her and she said Wow!,how amazing we’ve both chosen the same name for similar cats.



    Aww wow, it is a lovely name, I quite like it for a child! But im not wanting a child at the moment so my kitty called Ruby will do just fine!

    I would love to see a picture of your daughters cat! Maybe I will see one on catster!



    Hi and welcome PP!! I checked out your catster page and almost fell off my chair on how precious and cute Ruby is!!!! What a little lovebug! My kitties sent yours a friends invite 🙂



    I know this post is a bit old but i just found it. My cat Scratchpaw does the same thing, also kneeds while doing it. He did it more when he was younger but still does it now occasionally (he’s almost a year old). He loves my fluffy robe as well, he nuzzles it and kneeds it, so cute.:)



    welcome PP.. I am not sure exactly why they do that however my kitten is just a few weeks older than yours and his name is Toby Edward.. He does the same thing… I have to make sure that I always take my earings out when I lay down.. even if I am just laying on the couch to catch up on TV cause he nibbles at my ears lol… and when I try to re-adjust and comes back quickly like its a game… i try to distract him with a toy or eventually i just end up sitting up or holding both ears lol…. I have heard that we dont train cats… they train us lol



    Cuteee my cat does that too!



    My Lily is 9 months old – she has a favorite blanket that she “suckles” and when the blanket isn’t available she’ll look for the nearest ear! The vet said this is nothing to worry about… She probably was taken from her mom to early.. she may grow out of it or may not.. I make sure I keep the blanket within her reach to avoid “wet willys” LOL!



    my kittens did that…i used to just let them go to town as long as they didn’t bite too hard. it tickled, and i enjoyed it! n their lips were soooooooo softttttt!



    I just got a kitten a few weeks ago she just started nursing on my neck and kneading it..she is just now 8 weeks old.. it wouldn’t bother me if her claws weren’t digging into my neck or under my chin.. I was wondering if anyone else had that problem and if I should try to stop her? She falls asleep after she does it and purring like crazy.



    My cat had an attachment to a stuffed animal cookie monster. It was covered in cat slober all the rime ;p



    My kitty does the same exact thing. She also licks and sucks on my neck too.


    raquel barrionuevo

    My kitty is doing the same thing.

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