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    From Michael’s care page today:

    Michael here 7/28

    Posted 44 minutes ago

    hello everyone.. i have a mixed bag of news..just returned from my follow up with dr. K. good news is that my lungs and liver are clear and showing no activity…a miracle considering I am small cell and stage 4.

    The bad news is that My cancer has spread to my bones and is showing up in multiple areas….I am in a stunned silence for right now…

    I am starting chemo again on monday and will do 2 weeks on and 1 week off in the murrells inlet office.

    Not the news i was hopping for…but i think you know me by now and my attitude is…” I WILL BEAT THIS TOO!”..although this is a major setback in my battle to overcome cancer..I need you and your support and prayers now more than ever…PLEASE PLEASE keep the messages coming..I really look forward to reading them…also..any support and prayer would be greatly appreciated.

    I would like to thank everyone who has reached out to brighten my mean the world to me, this is nowhere near the end..just simply a new beginning…a new approach..a new attitude.

    I am feeling very tired and hungry..gonna grab a bite to eat and try my best to take in all the news I have recieved..

    Thanks to Anne…I am at a complete loss for words, not what we were hopping for,but we have overcome worse…

    I wish I had better news but in the future I will…everyone take care and keep smiling…


    From Lainey – he really looks forward to messages… if anyone would like to post something on his carepage it’s here:

    You have to register and if you do post please let him know you know Elaine and that TDK prayers are strong, powerful and full of faith. Thanks friend (i’m kinda crying right now)



    {{{{{Michael}}}}} {{{{{Lainey}}}}}

    Continuing waves of white light for Michael as he continues his fight. I’m so sorry to hear this.



    {{{{[Michael}}}} {{{{Lainey}}}}

    I subscribed to his page and will send him messages as I am able. Do you know of any likes,dislikes that I could address? You are a good friend.


    Thank you, Kilroy and BC! He LOVES the Baltimore Ravens, Corvette’s, Dogs (I told him we wouldn’t hold that against him – LOL) and his wife.



    Micheal….I’m so sorry for the setback. But like you said. Not all the news is difficult to accept & conquer. You’ve been an amazing inspiration to alot of people,especialy with everything you’ve endured up till now. You keep staying strong w/your head held high & w/all the TDKers sending their Love,Prayers & Healing White Light to you…..I’m positive You & We can get you thru this & back into a new chapter of the Good Life & the way you should be living it!!

    I’m w/you in Sporit Micheal & will be sitting on your shoulder as you trek thru this next step. Hang In There!!

    With loving thoughts from Susie in California.


    Thanks, Susie!

    Folks if you don’t want to post on his page (and I understand) please post a note of encouragement here, like Susie just did, and I”ll put it on his page.

    Thank you!


    Cat talk rules

    I’m praying for you, Michael. You have an amazing attitude and it was a blessing to read what you wrote because of it. I pray the Lord will hold you close to Him as He heals you Sandi



    My prayers that the cells that have appeared on bone, go into remission and that Michael is totally healed and free of this condition. {{{{{Michael& Family}}}}}



    Sending healing TDK energy to Michael as the battle goes on.



    My prayers for hiw recovery continue. Although this is a new battle, may Michael be given the strength to face whatever He has for him in the days ahead. Peace, strength, and comfort to Michael and all those around him.



    Special TLC hang in there hugs with healing prayers and encouragement coming your way Michael.



    keeping up the white light stream for Michael

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