my cat has static

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    My Ulysses is starting to get a really staticy (not a word) coat. It’s all over the place. This is fun for us because I put a drinking straw on his coat, it sticks, and Ulysses runs in circles trying to get it. ha ha However, I’m thinking the static may be annoying to him. I’ve heard about using dryer sheets on them but I don’t like that idea. I’m wondering if it’s really even safe/healthy for them. Any other remedies? Do you think his static coat is annoying to him?

    I will note, though, that sometimes the static causes his coat to basically stick really close to his body which makes him appear smaller 🙂



    I checked some sites about natural solutions for static, but they’re all about static cling in clothing & the main suggestion is to use vinegar in the rinse water – I don’t think you want to give Ulysses a vinegar bath! 🙂

    Sorry, no other ideas.



    you can also put more water into the air. i dry my wet clothes on drying racks in the apartment and never have a problem with static…



    ha ha not sure about the vinegar bath 🙂 I guess I could get a drying rack and make a point to dry more clothes like that. I remember my neighbor growing up used to leave a pot of water on the stove for that very same reason.

    Do you think the static bothers the cat?



    Wolcar, you reminded me of something funny. The other night, Bobby came up to me in the middle of the night, standing on my chest and purring. I went to pet him and got shocked enough that there was actually a flash of light! It didn’t seem to bother him. He’s never given off sparks before 🙂

    I think it may be the dry winter air.



    Comet’s coat is all haphazard too, not to mention my hair! Poor Jiggs loved when mama petted him, but when we shocked each other, he would give me the “what did I do?” look!



    Aww, poor Jiggs 🙂

    I told Bobby he was giving off pretty sparkles 🙂



    You might try wiping him down with a non-alcohol, non-scented baby wipe. That would put a little bit of moisture back into his coat. Even getting your hands damp and rubbing him down would help a little although he may not really like that.

    Just make sure he’s full of static, with his fur flattened down, when you take him to the vet. That way the vet won’t immediately think the poor guy is overweight.



    What I do is spray my kit’s brushes with an anti-static spray & then brush them down really quick. I sometimes will spray the brush a second time. Then I wet my hands & run them down the length of the kitty. It lasts for awhile. I even do it w/my hair brush as well when the electricity gets real bad. Poor kits will squinch & back away when I go to pet them if the static gets real bad. The kits & myself have never had any ill effects from it.


    Momma Bear

    lately my kits (especially Scoupe) have been sending sparks my way! I went in to kiss his nose and I actually saw sparks…needless to say he ran away from me and was like what the heck mom. Plus their hair sticks up a lot. Let me know if anything works for you I’m sure my boys would appreciate it.

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