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    My cat loves to play with balloons. I always keep an eye on her when I let her play with them but this time she ran off with the balloon. It popped and before I could get to her in time I saw her “eating” something that I can only assume was part of the balloon. I found one larger piece of the balloon and can’t locate the smaller part.

    This happened about forty minutes ago. A few minutes after she ate the balloon she ate a bit of her cat food (and is eating as I am writing this). She has not vomited and is showing no ill signs. I will be keeping an eye on her and will be taking her to the vet if there is any sign that something is wrong. Does anyone know how long it should be before I can expect her to hopefully poop it out? It is currently 2:44 in the morning.

    One thing is for sure, as much as she loves them, I’m not going to let her play with balloons again…


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    I have no idea how long it will take, just keep an eye on her and if anything seems strange then I would take her to the vet.



    I had a cat eat most of a cat toy once and the vet said to watch out for loss of appetite or vomiting. Those would be signs that there could be a blockage in the intestine which would need immediate attention. Good luck.



    my cat used to always eat plastic bag handles, I couldnt keep them away from her she would always get to them… then you would just see little “poop handles” in her litter box LOL.. your kitten should be fine, just keep in eye on her like you said. The most important thing is for it to not get stuck, but if it does you will see side effects so you can take her to the vet asap. I really think she will be just fine



    It’s been about twelve hours now and she is acting normal still, playing and eating. She hasn’t pooped yet but I’m hoping she will soon.

    Cats sure eat strange things… Lol. Thanks everyone. I’ll keep you updated on what happens next. Hopefully a nice poop with a piece of balloon inside.



    Tigger has eaten all kinds of plastic and rubber household items. He usually sends them out the other end within 2 days. If your kitty stops eating, becomes lethargic, or starts vomitting, like the others have said, a vet visit would be in order.



    Came home to a used litter box and went to work on dissecting the potent poo. I was very happy to find the piece of balloon inside of one! Only took two days and three sets of poop and there was no problem with my cat whatsoever.

    Phew. I’m very relieved that’s over. 😀



    Yay, doing the happy poop dance. We celebrate poop, especially poop with balloon pieces in.

    Now your days of potent poop poking are over.



    That’s great Mango! 🙂


    You are very lucky.



    You know you really love your cat when it comes down to poop probing. Then your glad it’s over….& the worry too.



    Yay! Bless you for going through that poop. I just assumed if I saw no ill signs that my cat had passed the cat toy he ate!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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