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    Hi All,

    I need advice about my cat.

    I had my cat coco-female for about 5 years, she is sweet girl and didn’t cause much trouble.(she is domestic longhair)

    She is stable one when she saw other cat outside, she used her wet nose to greet, she didn’t run away even other cat hissed at her.

    I adopted new kitten-jolly, 2months and 3weeks male kitten, want to introduce a company for coco.(he is grey tabby, more like ocicat)he is full of energy cat, all his life is eating, drink, play, sleep. he used coco’s toilet, ate coco’s food even i provided seperated food and toilet.

    we seperated them during night, and they did fight. both of them not injured and jolly-this kitten used to lie down, and defensed himself using his super long legs.

    coco didn’t know the real fight.

    so we don’t know who is the real dominate one yet.

    the fight stops2 days ago, and coco lost her voice.

    she ate food and wants to go outside for 10min to see birds.

    she tried to avoid my touch.

    i felt worried about her.

    is that she felt upset and lost her voice or real sickness?

    please advice,




    Welcome to TDK with purrs & headbonks!

    I would check out on the internet, wait a day if it hasn’t come back & visit your vet!



    Its possible that she lost her voice because of stress. I once read about another TDK’er who fixed her cat’s lost voice by giving her some chicken broth to drink, and then giving her some ice cream to eat. Since this is something really easy and inexpensive to do, I would try it first. If it doesnt work, you should rather get her to a vet to make sure she hasnt been injured by the kitten in some way.


    New kitten could have given her an URI (upper respiratory infection). If she doesn’t improve in a couple of days take her to the vet.



    Thanks all for quick response.

    I will bring her to spca hospital tomorrow.

    i noticed the new kitten snizzing and i gave a antibiotic, he recovered just one night.

    I think he may pass the germ to my coco.

    another question is: do we need to get pet insurance?

    i asked before and was told that insurance will only cover medicine or surgery not exam fee which we have to pay for every visit.



    Bumping…Helen, how is your kit doing?



    Thank you Jeankit,

    My coco got back her voice after vet gave her antibiotic shot and antiflammines.

    vet said coco’s problem is because she just went the dental teeth cleaning recently and than new kitten jolly is kind of too naught, scratched her mouth.

    God blessed coco, she got her voice just after 2 hours we went back from clinic.

    I brought jolly-new kitten, grey tabby to clinic again because we saw his eyes one is bigger and one is smaller, kind of funny but with some tear stuff.

    Vet did lots of testing, antibiotic…he is ok, very active.

    Now my question is: how should I do?

    we love both of them, but with full of energy jolly, coco could not handle it.

    coco likes to lick jolly’s ear but jolly used to do violent play. poor coco just likes to hide under my fish tank table now.

    jolly used all coco’s toilet, food.

    Now i seperated them while i am not at home.

    but how long this kind of situation will improve?

    we want to do jolly’s neuter project asap, and i wish this could reduce his wildness.

    he treated people very friendly and little bit too rough to coco.

    thank you all for advice,




    Part of Jolly’s wildness is just because he is young. He will calm down, especially after he is neutered.

    The recommendation for litter boxes is one for every cat, plus one. So if you have four cats (like I do) you should have five boxes. They might use the same one most of the time, but at least they have another one available. We have all of our boxes together in a little room under the stairs, but you could put one upstairs and one down; or one in each bathroom, or whatever works best for you.

    So far as food goes – can you feed Coco in a separate area for a while? That way she’ll get enough food. Maybe feed her wet food in the morning and leave dry food out all day?

    What Coco needs right now is to know that you still love her as much as you ever did, even though you have a second baby. Make sure you give her some one-on-one time without little Jolly running around. She’ll appreciate playing and/or snuggling with you a couple times a day while Jolly is shut up in another room.

    They will probably become good friends once Jolly calms down a little and Coco is sure you aren’t replacing her.



    thank you for advice, i will keep in mind. i will try to spend one on one time with coco.

    for the food, they both loved Fraises-which left from before, they don’t like the spca provided good quality food.

    is that something wrong in it?

    we found out coco drinks toilet water if we forgot to close it, and she learned this from jolly.:(

    another question is: coco likes to go outside for 30min, to listen the bird sounds(i bought bird feeder and hanged in front of the yard).

    should i allow coco out and watch her or just keep her inside?

    she begged so hard to go out every day.

    should i apply more vaccine for both of them other than just FvRCP/Leukemia and Rabies?

    is that Chlamydia and FIV is nessary?( vet said Chlamydia is for bird flu, and FIV is for bitten by other cat)

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