my 5 purrfect wittle bundles of joy need homes soon!

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    i would just like to tell everyone that so far all 5 of the fosters are now in purrfect condition, litter trained and eating wet food….so they will need homes very soon=]

    i need help though i dont even know where to begin or who to call fer help on finding homes…do the shelters or pounds help w/ that at all, or is that only if you give the kittens up to them?..jw..

    i would just like to know if anybody has any numbers or information on who might be able to help…

    i dont want to give them to the pound or anything like that, but would like the information if anybody knows of any alley cat gurdian type of foundations…


    i want these 5 purrfect little bundles of joy to find the best homes, they do so deserve them, im just hoping for the informationto help me find the besst cheapest ways to go about making sure they are spayed/ neutered, or at least vaccinated =] thnx!!



    As far as finding them homes, try putting flyers up at local pet food/supply stores and ask local vets if you can post a flyer in their offices as well, most will be happy to! You can also ask at local PetCO of PetSmarts about low cost spay and neuter. Ask the people back where they have the kittens and puppies for adoption, these are usually ran by local rescues and shelters and they should be able to help out!



    BTW, Bless you for caring for these little ones and seeing them through to good forever homes~!!!



    I suspect if you bring them to the SoCal meet up in September they would all end up with loving TDK homes. Of course, some of us might be ‘in the dog house’ after that but at least we would have cuddly kittens to keep us company there.



    Where are you located. Here in Toronto, there is an organization that has a foster/parent program, they will put an ad in their website and help you that way.

    I will be using them to find my 4 kitties an awesome forever home.



    CBM…hahahaha…how true!!!



    Panagabko…I can only offer you Prayers of Good Luck in finding furever homes for your babies. I live in Manteca,not too long a drive from you. At 1 point,I was so strapped w/many,many kittens that I had to reach out to Rescue/Foster orgs. outside of our county line to help me w/mine. Thanks to the wonderful help of my Loving TDK Family here,I was able to find a place for 7 of them. But,in the end,I am now still caring for 13 (3 siblings still kids) that thru the yrs. were never found furever homes.

    The great people here on TDK may be able to help you since your babies are such tiny little things. Altho,you might give the Tracy Rescue a call. They helped me by taking Ms.Hissy’s last litter of 5. At that time they were about 3-4 wks.old & in dire need of several hands to feed them,& the 2 I had were busy w/my own.

    Wishing you the very best of Luck w/yours.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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