Mr. Leeny gets 16 teeth removed tomorrow

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    Well, folks, tomorrow is Big Day Number 1. We have enough money to get 16 of Mr. Leeny’s teeth removed tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 10:00. The church benevolence organization raised enough to pay for 14 extractions, and on Saturday a check for $200 arrived from my sister, which will pay for the other 2 teeth. That will leave only 11 to go.

    The benevolence organization drive ended yesterday, and the person at my church who’s in charge of it says she thinks there will be a couple hundred dollars more going to the dental clinic. Also, on Saturday night, Mr. Leeny called a friend of his who is an oncologist in North Carolina. This friend was “co-best man” at our wedding (Mr. Leeny had more attendants than I had). When Mr. Leeny told him about the need for funds, his friend’s first response was, “Why didn’t you call me sooner?” He is going to be mailing a contribution directly to the dental clinic, and Mr. Leeny’s past experience with him leads him to think it may be a considerable amount. We may be able to finish these extractions soon.

    I will definitely be out of the office and away from the computer tomorrow and Wednesday. Mr. Leeny mentioned, though, that during one of his conversations today with the dental clinic, someone said that the doctor would give me a work excuse to be out for the rest of the week. I don’t know if I will be back on Thursday or on Monday; it depends on how Mr. Leeny is after the surgery.

    Please give us the special TDK treatment. Mr. Leeny is getting very anxious, and I want him to be all right.



    Prayers and healing white light for Mr Leeny’s rapid recovery.And thank God for all the money that was raised!



    Prayers & Healing White Light for You & Mr. Leeny tomorrow. Having dental probs. myself.I’m almost envious of himfinally getting the bad teeth out of him. His health will be so much better with them out. {{{HUGS}}{}



    Ditto prayers and white light for both you and Mr. Leeny. And kind thoughts and thanks to those who helped make it possible.



    Mr. Leeny just called from Wal-Mart, where he was shopping and visiting with some friends before his surgery, and he needs me to pick him up now, so I’m signing off. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I’ll be back later this week or early next week.



    Prayers and white light for Mr. Leeny. I’m so glad he’s finally getting this taken care of and that things are looking up for you.



    prayers and positive thoughts to both you and mr. leeny!



    Healing energies and calm strength to Mr Leeny and to you, and, as GA said, kind thoughts to all who contributed, how kind they are.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Healing energies and thoughts going out to you and Mr. Leeny, blessings to those who contributed and may he heal quickly with the least amount of pain.



    Leeny, just thinking of you… nothing more to say.



    Praise the Lord! That is a nice amount of money to begin the work that Mr. Leeny needs done. Prayers that he is well rested and peaceful tomorrow during his appointment.



    I’ll be thinking of Leeny and Mr. Leeny tomorrow. This day has been a long time coming! I’m sure that once it is all over Mr. Leeny will be kicking himself that he didn’t do it sooner 🙂


    You and Mr. Leeny will be in my thoughts tomorrow, Leeny! I can’t imagine how much better Mr. Leeny will feel once those teeth are gone.



    You are in my prayers Leeny. Praise God for the money that was provided. I will pray for a quick and comfortable recovery.



    Healing energy for Mr Leeny and calm and patience for you Leeny.


    Ditto many times over. Y’all are in my prayers.

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