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    My mama cat Boo slipped out of the front door yesterday afternoon and disappeared. (We were having trouble with the front door popping open on occasion.) I didn’t even know she was missing until I came home last night (2am) and saw a white streak leap from our front porch, hit a window, and disappeared around the house.

    We searched for her last night, and I searched for her before I left for work.

    Please send positive energy that she comes home.

    I am soo upset.

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    Mama Boo, come home! Please hurry, Mom is upset. 🙁 She is not angry, she promised to give you whatever treats you want…

    Purrs and prayers to your way.

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    Many prayers coming you way for the safe return of your beloved Boo. I could not find her on Catster, does she have a different name?

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    KapitiKats in NZ

    Bobbi, I’m sending positive energy and a virtual cat trap (totally humane) to get Boo back.

    Here Boo! *whistles* Come home now!

    She’ll be back Bobbi – she knows where the good life is!

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    Come home Boo,your Mom is missing you a lot.

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    Purrs and prayers headed your way from me as well, bobbi.

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    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    bobbi, I am so sorry, hoping that Boo stops being scared and comes back soonest 🙁


    She is the mama cat under Watson’s bio on catster. The second picture.

    Thank you everyone.

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    Awwww, Bobbi. Praying for Boo’s safe return!

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    aww Moma Boo come home soon, you are loved and missed

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    I have some good advice. I lost a furbaby over the summer. I got her back after a week (a very LONG week). I would not have known what to do if not for the Cat In The Bag forum.

    Here is the best website/forum:


    Look at the cat profiles. Most indoor cats HIDE CLOSE BY. They are very scared and won’t come to you, even when you are very near. They are very good hiders. They are in survival mode. The Kitty buffet can help get your baby back. Read over the posts and you will see how people got their cats back. Eamil me if you want specifics.

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    Aristabobbi, VBK has given you a link to a valuable website!! If nothing else, start leaving a bit of food and water out in a dish late at night, before you go to bed. Maybe wait outside with it, quietly, sitting on a chair on the front porch. (Maybe stinky food like tuna will entice her back.)

    Good luck!!

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    Bobbi, this trick has worked for me even when I was missing a cat for 6 weeks! Take some clothing that you have worn and that has your scent on it, and put it outside in a place where it will catch a breeze if there is one. Nighttime works best for some reason. If they are anywhere close by, they will catch the scent in the air and will head for the familiar and comforting smell that they associate with you. Someone told me this when Scarlett had been missing for over 6 weeks, and I was desperate…she returned that very night and meowed at the back door where the laundry was! And that was not the door where she normally came in. When Wolfie was missing, he came home also after I put my pajamas on the back deck–again, he came right to that door. Might as well try it! Praying that Boo gets out of survival mode and comes back inside.

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    Bobbi, I know how distressed you are. Catwoman’s advice is good and hopefully Boo is nearby and will smell your scent. Never give up. We lost a kitty once for over a week when stationed at Ft. Hood. It was my precious Willie. He came home after more than a week and we always felt that he had gotten trapped somewhere that he couldn’t get out of. Keep calling Boo. My prayers for a safe homecoming.

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    Crazycatman – CA

    Bobbi, I’m sending positive energy and prayers that Boo comes home soon.

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    Praying for Mama Boo’s safe return. She must be pretty scared, hopefully that will make her hang around the house.

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    3kits staff


    prayers for Boo to come home to you!

    Peace and prayers


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    What a nice picture of her! I love her arm over the babies.


    I hope Boo is waiting on your doorstep tonight when you get home. Silly kitty!! {{hugs}}

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    Bobbi… I’m sending lots of Prayers that Mama Boo gets some sense into her & comes back home to you. {{{HUGS}}}


    Thanks for all the well wishes. I really appreciate them. I have faith in the combined TDK white light, and I feel better about Boo returning.

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    If Boo is too disoiented to come to a call, strip the sheets from your bed and make a little nest in a box on your porch so she has a chance to pick-up your scent and find a comforting place to hide till you get home.

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    Oh No Bobbi!! This is terrible! Poor Boo…She’ll come back won’t she? Oh dang it! Sending prayers that Boo gets her danged fuzzbutt back home! You must be so worried about her. *sending cyber esp message to Boo to get home* {{{HUGS}}}

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    Positive energy coming your way. Just like KK I whistle for Boo to come home (all our cats come to a whistle). Here Boo, come home Boo.

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    Keep us posted, Bobbi!

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    Lynn from PA 6/8

    Hope Boo comes home, safely, Bobbi. Sending prayers to you both.

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    Prayers to you and Boo!I had hoped I read she was back this morn!

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    wishing the best of luck for Boos safe return

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    Sending prayers and white light for you and Boo…

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    I guess we haven’t heard anything?

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