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    We just got a kitten 2 days ago and it is soooo “meowy”. It’s a male, about 3 months old. Adopted from SPCA.

    I understand it just left it’s siblings and it is probably lonely (locked in a separate bedroom from our other cat) but this cat has one heck of a voice.

    Most of the time it only meows when it’s first locked in the room, then he meows constantly for what seems like an hour. Probably a solid 20-30 minutes, then off and on.

    When he’s out running around he doesn’t meow as much, but occasionally at our feet meows pretty annoyingly.

    I know it’s hard to tell with him being in a new home, new smells, new people, away from siblings, etc- but will this likely stop?

    I love when cats talk to me, but can’t stand when they meow like this.

    Our other cat rocks- she only meows when we yell at her to get down off of things, etc. (when she knows she’s in trouble) Other than that- she has nothing to say but “purrrrr”.

    Thanks for any tips/advice/opinions.



    Warm welcome to TDK Meowasaur! You can click the tags on upper right for some helpful links with chats on your question! Once he gets acquainted with his new furever home he will adjust with less meowing unless there is another cause as discomfort etc. Is he healthy/been checked out by a vet so nothing else is bothering him. Hopeful other TDK members w/younger kits (I have 2 older ones as Dot & Crockey) will join chat with you when available soon!



    When you let the two come together, I would think the lonely meowing will stop, once he realizes he’s not alone in the world. Welcom to TDK!



    Cats generally can’t abide a closed door. Your kitten probably wants to be where the action is! Once our foster came out from under the bed, he started meowing at the closed door; now that he is allowed to mingle, I don’t hear him at all.

    Some cats are chatty. My Dad’s cat used to meow to be picked up or to have the faucet turned on; to say “hello, I’m here now”, and many other things. When he is meowing at your feet, he probably wants something- attention, play, petting- and wonders why you are so dense and don’t understand! Over time, you and he will learn to communicate better.



    “Over time, you and he will learn to communicate better.”

    Like chewing on your hand when they want food. Pulling your hand over their head when they want to be petted and meowing like crazy when they want you to give them attention. Scratching at the door when they want in. And plupping in your lap when they are cold and want petting.

    I would just let the kitten out and see how he interacts with the older kitty.



    Or just busting open the door when they want in, Ladysky. During the day, we shut the senior cats in upstairs so that they can nibble at their food and nap in peace. As I was getting ready this am, the door burst open and in trotted Catkin and Willow, straight to the leftovers! The bedroom door does not latch tightly, so Catkin has learned that he can push it open with his 15#. I locked the door; we will see what will happen since Zappo wasn’t feeling well and there is a whole bowl of food on the other side of that door!


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Ditto on all the above comments, and just imagine if you were a very small child and thrown into a new environment and two days later everyone expects you to not meow. Patience with the little one is needed and with the older kitty meeting the little one.



    I figured that was the main thing- just needing some time to adapt and to who said over time we’ll learn to communicate better- that’s brilliant and I agree, or at least it sounds right.

    @ladysky- we’ve let him out. The kitten doesn’t care about the older cat- he wants to play. Our older cat is warming up, slowly, but still is territorial and gets pissed off when he goes on her new cat tower. lol

    I’ll try to post some pics soon. 🙂

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