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    Saw the neurosurgeon today and he said I was his “miracle kid”. Made me feel good someone called me a “kid”. He said I looked great for being so close to my surgery which was “total destruction” of my skull and spinal cord. He said it was about as traumatic as it gets for the body to handle. He had me do some neuro tests and said they were much improved from pre-op. He has one where I have to ‘walk on a balance beam’. I laughed saying “I couldn’t do that before surgery, why would I do it now??’ He said “Cause I fixed you!!!” Well I didn’t make it and tripped. He said that he considers my surgery a huge success and the incision is healing spectacularly. The internal sutures are coming out my skin and he told me not to scratch them. That would lead to an awful infection. Speaking of which he said my fever is NOT related to my surgery as there is no sign of infection anywhere on my head. He said it could either be a flu or stomach flu. If my temp is still up tomorrow I am to call the cute PA and he will call in an RX for an antibiotic. Otherwise he is sending me back to work Part time next week. He said I need to start building up strength. My boss is thrilled.



    Wow that is so fantastic,you are a miracle kid. You’ve done so well,I’m so proud of you. [[[Hugs]]



    Unbelievable!! Starting you back to work already!! Wow you are a miracle kid!!



    ((MC)) I am so happy for you, Miracle Kid. I’m doing a happy dance with my feet while I sit in my chair. ((MC))



    That is great news, MC!! Glad to hear you are healing so well. Hugs to you MC.



    Wow MC, that’s great! You must be healing really well. That is really good news.



    Hooray for MC the miracle kid! Yay! What great news. Don’t worry about the balance beam thingy; I can’t do it either, and really, who needs that in real life?



    Annie R

    {{{MC}}}, awesome news, I’m sure you are so happy! God works miracles and you are one of them my dear!



    I am in total awe of your quick recuperation after such a surgery!! Although I know they have made leaps and bounds in surgery in recent years, I can only remember having to be in an induced coma for 3 days after my surgery, followed by weeks of rehab, then slowly returning to work. (Fortunately, I owned my own business and had great employees.) I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to meet you in person!!



    {{{MC}}}, that is wonderful news!!! I am so happy for you {{{Miracle Kid}}}



    MC…Wow….Nothing LESS than a true Miracle! Awesome!! Now…it’s time to fight off that stomach bug.



    This is great news, MC! Are you happy to be going back to work, or leary of it? Glad it will be part time to start! Good for you, MollyCat!!!


    Yeah MC! That is terrific news…….



    Yay! This is wonderful news, MC!



    Congratulation MC that is wonderful news. What did he say about your headaches of late? Hopefully this will be the beginning of life with much less pain.



    Alright, MC!

    In celebration, I think you need to change your initials to MK instead of MC!! 😉



    Hooray for our very own Miracle Kid!!! Now, MC – don’t be faking a fever tomorrow just so that you can call the cute PA!


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Woo Hoo, way to go MC!!!



    YAY!!! So glad to hear the Dr’s report. You have made an amazing recovery,MC.

    I’m so glad you are doing so well, and even able to work–even if it is part-time. Be sure to tell your furry nurses they have done a wonderful job of helping you to heal. (((MC)))



    He did mention it is not uncommon to have some headaches in the initial recovery phase. He said that I am leaps and bounds ahead of others who have had this surgery insofar as healing goes. He said I may still get some headaches throughout my life but not as often or as severe. Now he said when I follow up with the neurologist in August we need to slowly start weaning me off the meds I am on ($400 per month). He said that will be the true test. Can I go off all the meds (slowly) and the headaches not return? I am convinced that I made it thru because of the love and prayers of my TDK family. Not to mention my fabulous “original” stone from Daisy Mew. The one that inspired the trend……..LOL Yes, I am leary to return to work but he only would let me return if I agreed to part time. I can call the cute PA too next week if four hours is too much and he will talk to my boss!



    Hooray for MC!! TDK white miracle light does it again. I’m happy dancing all over the place right now! {{{{{MC}}}}}}

    Now just remember to pace yourself sweetie, slow and steady wins the race!


    LadyKat of IA

    Good for you, MC! So proud of you and your recovery.



    Agreed, that is why he wants me to go back to work part time. He said to help me build up my strength but also not to overdo it. He said he just doesn’t want me to get too “deconditioned” by not doing much. I can’t really do any exercise right now. There is definitely something special in the air around TDK, the people here are the real MIRACLES! (((TDK)))



    Yay MC! You may want to change your screen name to Miracle Kid! I’m so happy for you!



    Here’s lookin’ at you (miracle) kid!

    That’s great news Molly, really pleased for you! :o)

    Now, just one word of caution, I remember how hard your job was working you right up to your surgery, make sure your boss understands the meaning of part time!!



    MCW, you have a great point!!!



    What absolutely fantastic news! Whoo hoo!



    Yay MC! I’m glad to hear you are recovering so well!




    Good news MC! I’m so glad to hear that!……




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