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    Hiya! Took awhile for me to organize the vid but it’s finally done and is now live @ youtube!

    Let me know what you think. Lucy Belle approved of this video and has personally chosen all her pics. Hehe …



    Tuttibella, that is BRILLIANT, think it oculd end up as a link on my blog someday soon – thank you for putting it together, Lucy Belle is GORGEOUS!



    Tuttibella, thank you! That made me smile and laugh…Lucy Belle is growing up to be such a cutie!!! Loved her attacking the carrier….:)


    KYKAT 12 23

    CUTE!!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee! You have done a wonderful thing in handraising this baby.



    Ah, what an adorable kitten, and what an adorable video! I’ve seen pictures of very young kittens before, but I’ve never seen a wobbly baby “in action” before.

    That wasn’t Coca Cola she was drinking in that bottle, was it? 🙂



    Awww! She is so pretty and so lucky. Kudos to you – you deserve it!



    Thank all! I have been documenting her progress the day I got her so it’s really nice to have a catalog of each passing day/week. When she was about 2-3 weeks old, she looks like a hamster/chipmunk hybrid! LOL .. And she is also very plump and I love to carry her in a pouch called the pouch potato. It’s very easy to sew together and she just snuggle on me, listening to my heartbeat.

    Now, at about 8 weeks old, she seems contended jumping and running around madly. And her favorite thing to do now is to play with her Kitty Kat Circus. She still loves to be cuddled and petted but only when she is half asleep!

    I read that she will get even more detached as she grows older. I do miss her wobbliness! Time flies and the older she gets, different challenges awaits me. I thought that feeding her every 2 hours/24 hours a day, helping her pee/poop was hard, but boy, when you have a hyperactive kitten like her, I’d rather go back to doing just that. At least then, she sleeps and not leaps!


    What a great video you have tuttibella.

    LucyBelle is just too cute and adorable. Are you sure she is a girl. There was one photo with her on her back that make me think she might be a boy.

    But boy or girl. you have your hands full. You should be proud of the work you have done with that baby.

    Hugs and purrs



    artistabobbi : I actually mistaken her for a boy initially and named her Benjamin. When the vet took one look, he said, nope, this is a little girl. I checked many times again myself over the weeks, since it’s quite difficult to sex the kitten while they are still very young. So, in conclusion, she has an upside down exclamation mark – girl, that is.


    What a great video. Thanks for sharing



    Tuttibella – thank you for sharing – great video. LucyBelle is an adorable baby kit. She is being kitten playful right now, the rambunctiousness of babyhood will taper off as she nears her 7 month birthday. If you can just consider this time as a chance for many laughs and OOP’s you will really enjoy every minute. =^..^=



    You are raising a lovely young lady. While she will become more independent, you will find she will be no less attached to you. She will just show her love in different ways.



    *sits in front of her computer totally stunned muttering over and over… “oh my cute… oh my cute… oh my cute…”



    Tuttibella, it’s hard to imagine LucyBelle having a better mama than you! She is so very, very lucky to have found you.

    I look forward to seeing her grow up! She will be into everything as much as any toddler for a while, but she’ll eventually become a bit calmer.



    Awww, she’s adorable!!!



    There are absolutely no more words for cute!! She is totally adorable.



    too cute!



    that is very cute, congrats on the successful bottle fed kitten 🙂


    Rubia in CA, 4/28

    Oh, oh, ohhhhh… THU-PLOOF! *groggily recovering from severe cute overload, images of little flying kittens spinning around her head… *

    What a wonderful video, and what a cute little fuzzball! You must post a warning to all to wear their COA’s before viewing!

    Well done to you, tuttibella, you’ve done a wonderful job in raising little Lucy Belle!

    Another TDK star is born! 😀



    Lucy Belle is a star! Kudos to the director/producer, Tuttibella, too!



    Lucy Belle just got back from the Vet and you can read about it here:-

    I noticed runny stool since she came back and decided to call the Vet this morning. He said that as long as she is alert, playing and eating well, I shouldn’t be too worried. But if her stool does not return to normal by Monday, I will have to bring her in again so he can do a diagnosis.

    Hmmmm, anyone with any similar experience after immunizations? She had her first Feline 3 in 1 Booster and Strongid Wormer done.


    Lucy Belle had a big day yesterday! My best guess about the runny stools is stress related to her visit to the vet. Keep an eye on her as the vet said. Not to worry you but one of my cats (Furl) had runny stools and “accidents” for about her first five months. We took her to the vet who said there are some kittens who do this but grow out of it by six months. It nearly drove us nuts, but she is fine now. In Furl’s case, it helped when we switched her to dry kitten food.

    You video is wonderful. Lucy Belle is a beautiful kitten!



    Thanks for the reassurance.

    She is definitely doing well. Been active, just like her usual self. And this morning, she did the silliest thing!

    I was cleaning her litter box area after she finished and she tracked a little here and there. So, I took out my mini broom set and started sweeping. Little Lucy Belle was just sitting next to me while I work on my broom. And darn! She’s like a little master. She actually points to me the places I missed with her burying action. It’s like she’s telling me that I missed a spot and she wanted me to clean it! So, on she goes, inspecting every nook and cranny with her paws and nose. Sometimes, I think she is really too smart for her own good!

    Also, once I did not feed her can food on time and she had to eat dry food. She’s not used to eating dry food only for a meal, so she did the next best thing. She drink some water, nibble on the kibbles, drink more water and on and on until she is all done. I didn’t want to stop her from doing that but if I only have my digicam with me. Her creativity is truly exceptional!


    You are an awesome kitty parent. Lucy Belle will give you many years of wonderful companionship!



    My only regret is that for some reason youtube isn’t letting me reply to the video directly. So I’ll say it here:


    I’d like to buy the world a FUZZ!

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