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    I know that this has been asked a million times before, so I will try to be brief.

    I just adopted a kitten that is about six weeks old. She and her litter mates were found shielded from the rain by mom underneath the dinosaur climber in the playground at the preschool I work at. They couldn’t stay there, and Animal Control said they would only rehab the kittens if both them and mom were caught, otherwise they would be euthanized. We never could catch mom – she still has one kitten, but the other four were fostered by a loving mother at our school. A few teachers have now adopted the kittens as their own, including me.

    I am having a hard time getting Kitten to go in the box. Unknowingly, I bought a box that is most likely too large for her, so I will be buying a smaller one asap. I’ve never had to box train an animal – my previously adopted cat was already trained, and my ferret is about as “trained” as a ferret can be (he goes maybe 60% of the time in the box on good days).

    I’ve had the most luck with non-clumping pine litter for my ferret, and so I tried that with Kitten. I’ve now read that they don’t like strong odors near their litter – what is the best brand/type of litter to use with new kittens?

    She has found a corner of the room that she most likes to go in – what is the best odor neutralizer to buy so that I can get her using the box more? She’s really been favoring this corner!

    Also, I am trying to wean her off of the bottle, but she is so particular, just like my babies at work! She likes her bottle slightly warmed and will take it no other way. I’ve tried diluting the formula, but if it is not exact, she’ll just chew on the nipple. She’s eating wet food from a bowl, but won’t touch water. What are some tips?

    Wow. So, not so brief. Any sage advice would help this new kitten owner. Thanks!



    “urine gone” comes with a black light and it breaks down the chemicals in the urine so kitten will not remember the spot and go there again. an odd thing about cat urine – it will glow under a black light, that’s the reason you get the light, shouldn’t cost more than $20, you can get it at pet stores but i’ve seen it at walmart and kmart too !!!



    Welcome to the best kitty site around.

    If your baby really likes that corner, then that’s where you should put the litter box. If you haven’t had a chance to buy one with shorter sides, then put something against the outside that she can use as a step or ramp.

    If she’s eating wet food, she’s probably getting enough liquid. You can always dilute the wet food a little bit if you think she needs more fluid.

    Do you have pictures? We love looking at babies.


    Hi, Koshenya. Welcome to the Daily Kitten! We have other members who are teachers. You will fit right in. 🙂

    I don’t have any suggestions for what type of litter to use, except that clumping litter should not be used with kittens because kittens sometimes eat litter which would then cause a serious blockage inside. Others here have suggested a litter called Cat Attract to get a cat to consistently want to use the litter box.

    I wouldn’t try to wean your kitten so soon, especially if she is not drinking from a water dish yet. Dehydration will make her seriously ill. To be sure she is getting enough fluid, try mixing some of the Kitten Milk Replacement with her wet food. Don’t dilute the formula.

    Is that your ferret in your avatar? Do you have any photos of your kitten? Have you decided on a name? Please keep posting to let us know how you and your new kitten are doing. 🙂



    Thanks, everyone, for the help. I’ve named her Koshenya, which is Ukranian for “kitten,” but mostly I just call her Koko. Slowly but surely she is getting better at the box – she pooped in it last night and I was so proud of her! I was able to catch her as she was looking for a spot and put her in the box so that she could do her business there. I also had her scratch the spot, which I’ve read is recommended.

    She is eating quite a bit of wet food, and I have been putting a bit of the formula in there, but she just LOVES her bottle. Mainly, I am looking for tips on how to transition her from bottle to dish. She is super uninterested in her water dish, even if I put formula in it.

    Kitten Whisperer: Yes, that is my ferret, Mr. Wiggles! I have picture of Koko on my phone, but I still need to transfer them to my computer. Once I do, I will be sure to post them here! I love to brag about my cute little tortie! 😀



    gah I am having the same problem with the bottle! he REFUSES the dish & screams until i give the bottle. I have been treating this i would like a child, (-no more bottle, just sippy cup- type of deal, but a dish instead of a cup duh) and putting more formula into the wet food to keep him hydrated. it works, and he licks it up off the plate. hopefully soon he will understand to lick it up out of the dish!

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