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    I have been so excited for you!! How is Lovely??? Is she home yet? Can’t wait to see pictures of a remarkable little girl blessed with a remarkable family to call her own!


    Lovely is amazing. We are all bowled over by her. I am wandering around in a goofy fog. 😀

    Our daugher and son-in-love got to meet her in the Portland area last Thursday. Things went so well that the foster parents suggested that they take her out on their own on Friday for a few hours. They visited my Mom in Vancouver, WA which got my sister who lives next door to her involved. Next thing I know I’m getting a phone text from my sister telling me to jump on the highway and get up to Vancouver to meet Lovely. So, I did.

    Lovely lives up to her name. She has beautiful big brown eyes. Her skin is a beautiful rich shade of brown. She weights about 30 pounds and looks good in anything she wears. She is a happy, healthy nearly two-year-old.

    Daughter and son-in-love visited over several days after meeting her and welcomed her to their home in Eugene on Tuesday. First night was rough. She slept from 7pm to 1am then started crying. Daughter got up with her and she settled down, laying on daughter and finally falling asleep again at 4am. Last night she slept clear through the night.

    You’ve got to be careful when you ask me for information about my new granddaughter. I could go on and on……. 😉

    I’ll put some photos on webshots with a link in just a few minutes.



    KW, she is absolutely beautiful!!!…… how wonderful, and what a happy, happy event in your family’s life!….. (((huggs)))



    Oh KW I must have missed this in my busy past month or two! But from what I can tell, you just got a beautiful wonderful new gift added to your family – a lovely granddaughter who might I add is just SO precious!!! I can’t wait to hear more about her and see her. How wonderful!



    KW I just went back and read your initial thread- I am so sorry I missed it! But again I must add how thrilled I am for you 🙂 🙂 Congrats!



    Wow,what a lucky child to come into such a loving family. =)



    So exciting! Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa! And all the rest of the family. What a lovely addition. Welcome, Lovely!



    Lovely is absolutely, totally, completely, truly, wonderfully, beautiful and precious! Congratulations:)



    She is priceless!! I love the wiggle picture with getting the shoes on. Enjoy each wiggle and giggle!!


    This had to be the world’s longest “pregnancy.” Daughter and son-in-love started the process of being approved as adoptive parents two years ago. They were finally approved in January, saw Lovely’s photo and asked to be considered for her. Their application and at least two other family’s applications went through a committee decision process and they found out they had been selected on March 25 and were to meet their new daughter on the 31st. You should have seen daughter and I kick into high gear shopping for clothes and toddler gear. lol



    Oh, she is beautiful. And I think she’s going to be tall, too! Much love to Lovely from Down Under 🙂



    Congratulations!!! I’m sorry I never saw the original thread 🙁 But I am so glad that you’ve gotten to meet her too. She is gorgeous 🙂 It’s so nice when kids get adopted. Yes, definitely world’s longest “pregnancy”



    KW I had to come look at the pictures this morning–the smiles are contagious!

    And I know that there is some conversation about concerning the teddy bear!



    KW, Lovely is indeed, Lovely!!!!!!! I love the family pic! I’m a Grandma, too, so I know how in love you are :)) Congrats to you all!!!! Now, Enjoy!



    What a treasure! She is so beautiful and looks like she is a little pistol. You are going to have so much fun!


    nawlins catmom

    What a cutie!!! Yes, those adoptive “Pregnancies” can drag on… It took about two years when I was adopting DG! Was ready to fly to pick her up at one point, when the process was shut down (international issues), and had to wait another 9 months to finally bring her home! We landed in the US on Christmas Eve! Congratulations again, KW, to you and the entire family! Enjoy!



    Congratulations! She looks really sweet, you have all been trully blessed, her included! Looking forward to hearing what you get up to as a family :).



    What a beautiful addition to your family as Lovely…enjoy your fun toddler time!

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