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    My kitten has a special fleece blanket that’s been with her since she’s days old. Normally, she loves to play-fight with her blanket. Recently, I noticed something else. She loves to suck the end of her blanket while kneading it at the same time. The look on her face is pure contentment, coupled with really loud purrs. Whenever she does this, she look as if she’s under a spell, in a trance or somewhat.

    I am not stopping her behavior since it seems to really calm her down and she’ll fall asleep right after her elaborate ritual. A little curious to find out if any other kitten exhibit something similar.


    Hi, tuttibella! Great Dane has a cat that has been blankie sucking since she got him. His name is Bob. If you find a post from Great Dane and click on her name you can find a video she took of him doing this. I don’t think it is unusual behavior and certainly sounds like it is something a cat might do to comfort itself. 🙂



    Bobsky sucks his blankie every day.

    He started the sucking, kneading thing after I’d had him a few weeks and I guess he was comfortable enough. He started coming up to my neck and trying to suck on it. Of course with the sucking and kneading, that HURT! I started putting the blanket inbetween my neck and Bob, and that’s how his blankie-sucking thing started.

    Now he does it, on average twice a day. Every night when I turn the light off, he comes running over to suck the blanket, purring loudly (this is the only time he ever purrs!). He’s pretty particular about this. I have to be under the blanket and he has to be on my left side, otherwise he just sits and meows at me until I move into position. Then he makes himself comfortable and sucks the blanket by my armpit while my arm is stretched out to the side.

    He puts me to sleep like this every night, and it’s sooo relaxing and sweet. He’ll do it for 10-20 minutes and then get too hot and wander to the edge of the bed and pass out.

    If you go to Bob’s Catster page, I have two videos of him doing this – “Blankie” and “Blankie 2”.

    Enjoy your little blankie sucker!



    Each of the kittens/cats will start in with me,at least twice or more a day and perrrrrr and nead and in shadeys case lick my paw and have their way with me…I like it.



    Me, too! I’m hoping Bob can teach Milo!



    Rotley loves fleece blankets, but Ruggles is obsessed by them. There is a blue fleece blanket on the daybed, and he stretches out on it, flexes his huge paws, and starts “making biscuits” and thrumming loudly, eyes half closed and sometimes drooling.

    Rotley looks at him worriedly, and walks off to his cat tree.



    My mom has a cat “Valentino” who she raise from one day old. He still sucks the end of his tail and he’s about 8 years old.



    Awwwww, that’s cute!

    I hope Bob never grows out of this habit!



    I just got back from a trip and it’s so fun to catch up on my TDK.

    Tuttibella, I have and have had many kitties that do what we call “lovies”. My , now in heaven, Cori suckled a shagy rug in our master bath for many years. We were terrified to wash it because we thought that he would be traumatized. We had been told that this behavior is simulating suckling from their Mama (Cori had been thrown out as an 8 week old kitty so likely his Mama had suddenly been snatched away from him). The rug got so yucky that we finally did wash it and Cori still went back to “lovies” with his rug. Our current kitty Kara does that with beanie babies with a look of total contentment and relaxation. Mickey does lovies on my husband and he has the scars to prove it!! My Willow does the same thing on my soft nughtgowns. So, please let your princess continue her “lovies” it is a sign of affection and that they are content.



    It really is a sign of complete joy & security for them. I had a feral female once who was so wild that noone could pick her up. Slowly she started coming in and even though she wouldn’t let us touch her, she’d climb up behind my head in the recliner chair and make her little biscuits for the longest time. I was happy to see she was so trusting with me.



    Thanks all for sharing. I learn something new everyday. I’m glad to know that she is happy and secured. She sleeps with me now and she always favor the same spot too.



    My kitty does the same thing! I have this feather boa I used as part of a Halloween costume in second grade, and my cat Sam LOVES it. She kneads it and sucks it and sucks it and kneads it. It’s so cute! My mom always calls it “wubbying”.



    Hi Tuttibella. While she doesn’t suck on blankies, my Amy loves to suck on her own back toes! I’d never seen anything like it till there was Amy. That is why I call her my “Toe suckin cuddle muffin”!


    KYKAT 12 23

    Every morning, I put a certain pillow on my lap while I am sitting up in bed trying to wake up. Gracie lays across the pillow, flops on her side and kneads my shoulder and puts her nose against my arm and purrs up a storm. In the middle of the night Thierry lays on me and kneads my ribcage and side. Emma kneads the couch cushions as she is getting petted.



    My Ex’s Viola Teacher had a cat named Pyewacket who sucked the tip of her tail until the hair was removed. In fact, that trait was how Pyewacket was returned after a plant/cat sitter managed to lose her while the family was on vacation.

    Pyewacket had been adopted by a loving family who noticed the lost posters describeing a very typical seal-point meeser who had the unusual trait of sucking her tail that now sported a bald tip.



    Hey my cat Jag does the same thing on all the fleece blankets in my house. He doesn’t like to be touched when he’s sucking though. He doesn’t seem to like to be touched at all. I don’t think he likes me.



    Hi Kat, welcome to TDK! Is Jag a new cat? It might be just that he’s settling down, and isn’t too sure of anything right now. Tell us a bit more about him.



    My Kizzi lost her mum at 5 weeks old, and when I brought her home she would knead,purr and suck my left sleeve at top of arm, just in the early morning and late at night, I suppose because she lost her mum while weaning off her she has turned to me. She also purrs very loudly and loves it. Besides that she will just sit on my lap, so its still happening, its the only chance I get to cuddle her. Although she will let me carry her around and have a short cuddle. I allow it for about 4 minutes or so, sometimes pulling her off other times shes had enough and jumps off my lap.Shes now 8 months old and its still happening! She is a very well behaved cat , never had a accident once, all in litter tray, takes herself to bed at 11pm in the kitchen, and stays there till breakfast when she jumps up for the suckle for 5 mins, then she is off and out about.

    With my husband its pat-a-cake- she lies in his arms and puts her paws out straight and he taps her paws with a song LOL shes lovely.



    Cato did this for a long time (the sucking part). He had his own wool blanket and I was afraid he would devour it, but it is still alive. Every once in a while, when I feel he is overly anxious, I pull the blanket out and let him have a go. He purrs very loudly, making biscuits and sucking on his blanket. Elizabeth



    Cheetah Boy never deserted his blankie, although he doesn’t use it during the day anymore. But he always wants it up on the bed between us when it’s bedtime. When he was little he would take it under the dining room table with him when he had been scolded or squirted. He did his best as a kitten to earn his nickname: Cheetah-bad-boy-of-the-world. When he had a particularly good (i.e.: bad) day, we upgraded him to Cheetah-bad-boy-of-the-Universe.



    our late cat doofer used to do that. in his case he was….um…how do i put it…satisfying himself. it was cute to watch tho…and one morning he decided to do *that* very act right on top of me. it was a surprise to say the least!



    my daughter’s kitty, Julia, sucks her back paw… we call her the foot sucker…Julia loves her paws being kissed… she sleeps with my daughter every night….


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Opahall, awww your daughter’s kitty sounds lovely, its funny how they have their little habits as we do….



    My little 3 week old baby “Kit” sucks on my hands ALL of the time!!! Obviously he is still being bottle fed. He will suck on my finger so much drool will run down my hand!!!!



    Haha… a year after that first post, Lucy Belle is still kneading and suckle on her fleece blanket. I did try washing it once but she didn’t take it too well. So now, that dirty smelly blanket of hers is still lining her Sleepypod. Eeeeeewwww to me but yummy to her.


    Akashas Mommy

    My kitten Akasha is still doing it. Its so cute of I ended up getting her own so I could sleep in my bed but that didnt do that well so i got her her own bed and she loves it.



    Shino my baby princess kitten likes to suck on a blue fleece blanket we have, kneading and going to town on it! She seems at a calm state of mind when doing so. She eventually moved to my house-coat which is the same material.

    If I pick up shino and put her somewhere else while shes in the middle of her ritual, she scampers back to her spot and starts all over.

    It’s so cute!



    I first got my Silver when she was about 6 weeks old and she loved to nuzzle my neck and knead on my shoulder. Now at the ripe old age of 6 years she still has her evening nuzzle time. The only bad part about it is the kitty drool running down my neck and the claws.



    Oakcrone!!!!! My Maine Coon Boo does this exact thing. She shoves her face so hard into my neck so that she cant even breathe out of her nose which i think causes the drooling and if i dont properly secure my hair up she kneads right into the hair and into the pillow. Her claws can get so sharp I’m always worried I’m going to wake up with a new haircut



    I think my kitten kneaded for the first time tonight on a blanket, he also licked the blanket at the same time. I’m actually not sure if it was considered kneading because his claws were out. It probably lasted for about 15 seconds. Is this normal? I hope he is ok! I was just caught off guard because I’ve never seen him do this!

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