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    I found a 3 week old kitten two days ago. I fed her a few bottles of hartz KMR, but I immediately changed over to PetAg KMR after reading some scary reviews. She is eating healthily (every three hours), exploring a little, peeing and pooping without stimulation. However, this afternoon she started having diarrhea (brown) within two hours after every feeding. I am pretty sure she is dehydrated (did the skin tent test) and her anus is very red and swollen; she is keeping her tail down and cries when I touch near the area. I am taking her to the vet at 10:00 tomorrow. Will she be ok until then? What should I do about her butt? Other sites suggested vaseline but I am nervous to give her something without a vet’s opinion. I am really starting to get nervous and am afraid for her. I know diarrhea is dangerous for young kittens. I just don’t want anything to happen to her. Any advice?



    You may have already gone to the vet, but anyways –

    It’s a very, very, very common problem for kittens. A newborn I would be worried about, but a 3 week old should be just fine until she sees the vet today. As long as there is no vomiting, fever, lethargy, and she still has an appetite, then I bet it’s something simple to fix (worms, bacterial infection, colitis). As for her sore butt, Vaseline will help – just be sure to only use a small dab since she might lick it and you don’t want her to be consuming a lot of it.

    Since you just got her days ago, that means she went from her mama’s milk to your formula – a big change for a sensitive kitten stomach. It’s possible that her system is just getting used to the new food and the diarrhea is a side effect of that.

    I think the main concern here is dehydration. If she is still nursing from a bottle, you can dilute the formula with water. A lot of people use Pedilyte to help the kitty feel better when she has diarrhea and dehydration from it –

    “Since Pedialyte is designed for infants and young children, it is a perfectly suitable substitute for your pet as well. In cases of severe dehydration, give your cat a few drops of Pedialyte every 10 minutes for an hour with an eye dropper to ensure that your cat is receiving the nutrients.”


    Molly 🙂



    Molly is right but I would wait to deworm her definitely. The diarrhea is most likely the switch from hartz to kmr. For the sore butt, if you are using a washcloth start using a cotton ball to stimulate, and only stimulate the anus every other feeding. Definitely make sure she is getting enough water in her system. Definitely dilute her formula an extra part or two. Good Luck!



    Thank you so much everyone! Everything is fine! The vet said she is very healthy. She told me to put vaseline on her butt. She wasn’t concerned about the diarrhea at all; she did a thorough exam and said she wasn’t dehydrated at all. In fact my kitty peed while we were there and it was almost clear. She did deworm her. However, she gave 1/10 of what is normally prescribed. I conveyed my concerns about this, but she reassured me that she gave her a specific dewormer that is incredibly mild and a ridiculously low dose. She also gave me a free tube of probiotics w/ special electrolytes and other natural goodies to help w/ the diarrhea. Kitties butt is already better and she is having diarrhea after every other meal instead of every meal. She is eating like a beast; it’s awesome!!! She is also very active and beginning to explore.

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