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    I recently rescued a beautiful little kitten, six weeks old and everything seems to be going very well. Although recently (like the last few days) the kitten has been getting up onto my neck and appears to be suckling or nipping at my neck. It doesn’t hurt necessarily… but it’s just kind of a weird thing. Is this normal? Should I be discouraging it, and how?




    It sounds like your kitten may have been weaned too soon. Sometimes they will suckle their own tails even.

    I think it brings them comfort.



    This should do the trick!!



    I have 3 cats whom were taken from their mother too soon. Tiger, Mylo and Panda Orson. When Tiger and Mylo were little, they used to suckle on blankets, but now that they’re 3 and 1, they’ve outgrew this. Panda Orson on the otherhand, has suckled on blankets and bathroom rugs since I brought him home, and still does to this day. He’s also 1 now. They never suckled on me, but now that I’ve brought Charlie home, (he came when he was about 2-3 weeks, now he’s around 5) he likes to suckle on my ears and hair. I don’t have any kittie hickies on my neck luckily!

    Like Caroline said, I agree that the cats do it for comfort because it’s what they did with their mom, and when they were with their moms, they most likely felt safe, warm, and loved.

    If your kitten’s kneading and sucking on your ears or neck hurts, you could try redirecting where they can do it. Perhaps let her do it on your arm, or put her on a fleece, or any soft blanket and maybe she’ll do it to that instead.

    I’ve looked into the Catsifier but they’re all sold out!

    Good luck with your kitten!


    I had a friend who had a cat who would curl up and suck on his own nipples. Talk about innovation! Never saw that before or since.

    My bitsy still sucks on my fingers when he needs some extra comfort. He is now 6 mos old.

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