Kidney disease

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    Hey. Our 14yo cat Kitty was diagnosed with kidney disease today. The dr says we caught it really early. They do blood work twice a year and then again before her dental cleaning (it’s a package deal that I pay a little each month for her wellness program). We took her in for her dental cleaning today and they found the kidney disease. No underlying infections or anything and they think we caught it super early since her tests were normal in July. They have put her on hills prescription diet for kidney disease. I know the dr prescribed this to help her but I have had her on grain free for almost 3 years and she finally lost the weight they wanted her too so I’m worried about that. Also we have another cat 2 1/2 and a kitten 5 months that just got spayed today.
    So I’m trying to figure out what kitty can and can’t have treat wise. All 3 cats are currently on 3 different foods and I’m trying hard to keep them from eating each other’s food. What is the best way? I could put them in different rooms to eat but many mornings my husband and I leave for work early and don’t get up early enough to feed them separately and then let them out of all the rooms. Is there an easier way? Or do I just need to suck it up and get up earlier? In another months or so stormy and Alice will be eating the same food the dr said after spaying they can switch to adult cat food.
    Also I’m really nervous about kitty’s kidney disease because i don’t know a lot about it so any info would be greatly appreciated



    you sound like you’ve an excellent vet 🙂 familiar with the struggles of seperate feeding schedules.. I had indoor only cats on wet food and another allergic to wet food so could only have dry and our only optinion was seperate room feeding.. if our kitten and 2 1/2 cat can eat the same food that will make it a little easier but I understand kitten will still be on a kitten food diet for a while yet…

    as for your older fur baby it’s extremely important to keep on the strict diet that’s been perscribed so looks like you’ve no option but to feed in seperate rooms and brave the early morning 🙁
    as for treats I used to buy treats but not anymore .. now I give them all a raw fresh chicken wing as a treat believe me dry treats don’t have a patch on the raw chicken wings and it will be same for your older one with kidney issues as raw diet is get for kidney health.. I only give dry anti hairball treats in the summer when they are moulting and that’s only because they are indoor only and don’t have access to grass

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