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    Prayers, hugs and lots of love to Molly. She defintely did the right thing. Bless her heart.


    HMMM, maybe the whack-bonk stick and pa-duo? Instinct, can you give me a quick lesson on how to use the weapons?


    KYKAT 12 23

    She was brave and I hope he gets prosecuted to the fullest extent and that the girls parents keep that child close to them at all times.



    I hope that the parents have learned to monitor their children’s usage on computers and that this pervert gets the full extent of the law slapped on him. Healing thoughts, hugs and prayers for Molly. May she find the strength and support to get through this horrible ordeal and may she find the way to trust again in the future when she is ready.

    My hubby said he was working his chauffer job this weekend and there were two 40 something guys with girls who looked just barely 18. He said it was disgusting to see the guys with such young girls and didn’t understand their behavior.


    Rubia in CA, 4/28

    Debsterwiz – how is Molly doing? I’m still thinking of her and sending the positive energy. That was a very brave thing for her to do, but I’m afraid this is going to be a very difficult time for her over the long run. To have been treated so badly by that creep is bound to be painful. Sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts.



    Good morning friends,

    I spoke with Molly last night and boy is she doing great! Life is knocking the poor girl around left and right but her attitude is so bright. To add insult to injury, she lost her job on Friday. What does she do about it? Goes to the fair on Saturday with her two boys! She isn’t letting anything get her down. This Friday she is having an end of the summer party with the finally being a burn the wedding pictures extravaganza! Me and mine will be there with bells on.

    Update on the jerk, who knows. All of a sudden he isn’t calling her anymore……………hmmmm, I wonder why, (ha, ha)

    By the way, something I didn’t mention before, the girl that he is messing around with is his ex’s daughter who, by the way, is his son’s half sister who is 14!!!! I know, it’s gross and disgusting but I wouldn’t be surprised if her wh### of a mother (and yes she is), is promoting this to break up Molly and her ex. Yes, it’s a twisted story but for a change there will be a happy ending. Molly is feeling wonderful, she is going to take advantage of her unexpected time off to enjoy herself, do things she hasn’t been able or up to doing, traveling, and getting rid of all of his stuff. Nothing is going to keep her down. She is going to be an inspiration to us all! Gooooooo Molly


    GOOO Molly! I am so happy for her! I am sad that she lost her job, but God doesn’t close a door without opening a window!



    Hooray for Molly’s strength! She’ll come through this fine, I’m certain.



    This mess is statutory rape, corruption of a minor, and incest. Tell Molly she is well rid of this pedarastic jerk and his vicious ex.

    A new job and a new life and better times are coming her way. Brava for women of strength!


    2 Popoki

    Awesome! Good for Molly. I could take lessons from her !



    It has been about a week. How is Molly faring? Let her know she is not forgotten during this time we are dealing with Karin’s emergency.



    the changing winds of answered prayers are funneling through this site; and settling down on scattered locales around the world tonight.(I swear,I didn’t start out planning for that to rhyme in perfect meter;I guess the Wind just sort of pushed me that way.)Please give us an update,debsterwiz!God Bless.



    Good morning all. Molly is doing well, the job hunt is going slow but when doesn’t it when you really need it?? Two crusers showed up to question him at work but he wasn’t there at the time. After that, he seems to have dropped out of sight. No phone calls or messages from him since 9/27.

    Molly had a little end of the summer get together on Friday. We all had such a good time, however, the kitchen became what we affectionately called the “testosterone free zone” as all of the women sat and man bashed and plotted their future corses. I didn’t join in as I was there with my man friend and I didn’t want him to get the wrong impression. He just laughed it off and started planning his own lonely hearts club. He wants to have a slumber party for all of his women friends that are without mates so they can all vent and get loaded. Not a bad idea I guess, as long as keys are handed over at the door.

    In any event, Molly is doing better every day. I will let her know she is still in everyones thoughts and prayers. Thank you everyone for caring and being there. You are the best. Hugs, Deb


    2 Popoki

    Been close to a week…. how is Molly doing? Still staying strong and holding her own?

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