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    I’ve been feeling so sad with the loss of our little kitty Boo. I found this wonderful book and it really did lift my spirits. It’s a collection of short eccentric poems written from the cat’s point of view. Please allow me to share the sample one from amazon.com:

    I Could Pee on This

    by Francesco Marciuliano

    Her new sweater doesn’t smell of me

    I could pee on that

    She’s gone out for the day and

    left her laptop on the counter

    I could pee on that

    Her new boyfriend just pushed

    my head away

    I could pee on him

    She’s ignoring me ignoring her

    I could pee everywhere

    She’s making up for it

    by putting me on her lap

    I could pee on this

    I could pee on this…

    I bought it for my kindle and read it rather quickly. It was hysterical. I found myself calling friends and family and reading the short little poems that reminded me of their own kitties.

    Thank you Francesco Marciuliano for picking up my mood!



    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Funny 🙂



    Amber, I’m so so sorry about Boo 🙁 I watched the video of him and he was just too adorable for words. From what you wrote I can tell you and & your husband did everything you possibly could for him.

    (((Amber))) I’m so sorry. I’m glad the funny kitty poems made you smile.



    That is a spectacular poem. I know just how that kitten feels. Somedays I want to pee on everything, too!!!

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