i am currently fostering 5 purrrrrfect wittle bundles of joy!

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    i have recently come into the nursing field *of kittens that is!* and have been fostering 5 beautiful babies..=] 3 boys (2 orange tabby’s, one solid black) and two girls (one black, and one fluffy orange tabby)

    one i think i will keep, she is the runt and was sick and will need to be nursed for a long time…

    and we *may* have found homes for the smallest orange tabby *boy* and the largest solid balck kitten *boy*….

    …. but we still have 2 purrrfect fluffy orange tabbys (a boy and a girl) who we need to find loving caring homes for. i am hoping to get then fixed, and get them shots through ally cat gaurdians, then find them loving homes..please help, they are the sweetest most loving kittens and i could not bring myself to take them to a pound or a shelter…ever!…

    they wont be ready for homes for a few weeks, as they are just starting to eat wet food, but still need to be bottle fed after each meal…they are just starting to use their litter box,(and are wondeful at it!) and are definately fourishing after the horrible state they were found in…(malnutritioned, in a wood pile, behind the house of a woman who was taking them to the pound to be uthenized, becuase she doesnt like cats!)

    so if you would like to help these sweet cuddly little fur balls, or know of a LOVING, CARING, RESPONSIBLE, home that is missing a little “something,” please let me, help you, get one of these wondeful little orhaned kittens!

    thanx everyone!



    Annie R

    (((Erika))) you are a blessing to these little babies….I wish I lived near you but I’m sure you will find homes for those precious little kitties before a few weeks is out. Sending… prayers to St Francis


    Bless you for taking care of these babies!



    well thank you for your support =] i can tell you are all animal lovers who have the same ideals…=] thnx again!!



    Your so kind to put so much into looking after your kittens!

    If i lived near you i would definately be interested in your little fluffy ginger girl, she seems adorable! and you seem the sort of owner i could trust! Good luck on finding them perfect homes 🙂



    Are those your fosters in your Gravatar? Adorable!!!!



    OMG they’re adorable! I wish I were closer and not already at my kitty limit 🙂 I’d take one in a heartbeat.

    {{{baby kitties}}}



    i know i would keep em all too!! …but i allready have rerached my rescue limit too =[

    ive got the two rescued dogs, the 2 rescued cats…and a rescued pidgeon!! eesh…lolz



    but i tell you what they are all little beautiful angels! =] i already have fallen fer all of them …



    i am hoping to find them all homes like i said ….but i dont even know where to start =[

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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