I accidentally stepped on my kitten and killed it

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    I really just need some support here. My family and friends have been telling me it’s not my fault but I still feel so guilty. Just about two hours ago, I went into my room (where I have 4 kittens) and the kittens always swarm around my feet as I walk. One of them ran directly under my foot and I stepped directly on its stomach. It ran under my dresser and started running around, crying. It was bumping into stuff. Then it ran back out and was limping. It collapsed, it defecated, and was just lying there breathing heavily. I then knew it was going to die so I started crying right there and ran out of my room to tell my parents. My dad started shouting at me, telling me I need to watch where I step. I couldn’t go back to my room so my mom had to go back and check on it. Twenty minutes later, the kitten died so I know it was suffering for quite a while. My dad apologized for yelling at me. He buried it already and put a cross on the grave. I can’t even go back into my room because that’s where the scene of the accident happened and the scene keeps replaying in my head. I’m traumatized. I feel so terrible and can’t stop crying. My cats are like my family to me. I keep thinking of when the kitten was sleeping with me this morning and I was petting her head–she was clearly enjoying it. She was usually so timid, but she finally started to like me. She was the last of her siblings to get used to me. I don’t even know how I’m going to focus in school tomorrow. Any words of support would be appreciated =(


    Rosanna, so sorry for your loss, but accidents happen. We don’t know why, but it does. Trust me – it WASN’T your fault.

    Don’t feel guilty about grieving and don’t try to bury that grief.

    If you have someone to hold you and help you to deal with this loss, take advantage of it. And if you feel you cannot make it through school (and if your parents agree), take the time off.

    The guilt and pain will lesson with time. Cry all you need to for the tragic accident.


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    Rosanna, I am so very sorry you experienced this horrible trauma. You are wise to recognize that it’s had a major impact on you. Don’t expect to “just get over it” and at the same time, don’t focus on it. Kittens DO get underfoot–they do it often enough that this topic comes up on a semi-regular basis on this site. Please also do not worry about your kitten suffering. Animals that have experienced traumatic injuries may have the same adrenaline rush as people who are hurt.

    I think a day off from school would be a good idea. God bless you.


    Rosanna – I’m so sorry for your loss. Terrible accidents happen. Please look at the thread titled “Emma – a brief appearance from the Wolf?”

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    Thank you all for the responses. It really helps. Thank you for leading me to that thread, it was very touching! I really appreciate it and I’m grateful to have had stumbled upon this website, even if it was because of a tragic accident. There’s a little less crying today, but I’m able to focus less on what the kitten suffered and just focus on taking care of its siblings the best that I can.

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    ((((Rosanna)))) Accidents happen- it was not your fault. She knew you loved her…

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    Thank you! That means a lot.

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    Momma Bear

    You are a very caring girl, and the little one passed on knowing love. Things like this are never easy, so take your time and all the support you can get ((((((rosanna))))

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    This just happened to me on Monday. I was walking down my stairs, and my kitten ran between my feet. I tripped, and landed on him. He died. I am SO devastated, and can not stop replaying it over and over in my head. SO SAD.


    I’m very sorry this happened to you too. {{{hugs}}}

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