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    “Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.”

    -Voltaire (Pen name of Francois Marie Arouet, French writer and philosopher, one of the leaders of the Enlightenment)

    1) Queen Victoria was given a giant wheel of Cheddar cheese as a wedding gift that weighed over 1,000 pounds.

    How much does a normal wheel of Cheddar weigh?

    [a] 25 to 40 pounds;

    60 to 75 pounds;

    [c] 100 to 125 pounds.

    2) Known as Oreille de Mer in France, awabi in Japan, paua in New Zealand, mutton fish in Australia, Loco in various South American countries, and Ormer or Venus ear in England.

    What is it known as in the U.S.?

    [a] yellowtail snapper;

    wood ear mushroom;

    [c] abalone.

    3) About 25% of the grapes and more than 50% of the kiwi eaten in the United States are imported from what country?

    [a] Chile;

    New Zealand;

    [c] Mexico.

    4) The technique of force feeding geese to produce an enlarged liver for foie gras began when and where?

    [a] 4,600 years ago in Ancient Egypt;

    1,100 years ago in France;

    [c] 800 years ago in Belgium.

    5) The English walnut is native to what area, and what country is the worlds largest producer today?

    [a] Western Europe and England;

    Eastern Europe and the U.S.;

    [c] South America and China.

    6) How many hot dogs do Americans eat each year?

    [a] 900 million;

    16 billion;

    [c] 100 billion.

    7) What was the only bean known in Europe before the discovery of the New World?

    [a] the fava or broad bean;

    the French or string bean;

    [c] the white or Great Northern bean.

    8) Bain-Marie (Mary’s bath) refers to the method of placing a pan of food in another pan with water in it to stabilize the heat reaching the food.

    Who was the ‘Mary’ it was named after?

    [a] the Virgin Mary;

    a French nun;

    [c] Moses’ sister.

    9) Which of the following contains the most vitamin C?

    [a] green bell peppers;


    [c] yellow bell peppers.

    10) Which of the following statements is false?

    [a] Eaten to excess, sage is poisonous.

    Butter has been colored yellow since the 1300s.

    [c] Bananas are related to orchids.

    [d] Thyme is one of the herbs and spices used by the ancient Egyptians to preserve mummies.

    [e] Allspice was used by the Mayans as an embalming agent.














    1) A ‘normal’ Cheddar wheel weighs 60 to 75 pounds.

    2) [c] Abalone.

    3) [a] Chile.

    4) [a] The technique dates back 4,600 years to the 4th and 5th Egyptian dynasties. There are paintings in tombs from that period which show geese being held by the neck and being fed balls of grain.

    5) The so called English walnut is native to eastern Europe and western Asia, and today the United States is the world’s largest producer.

    6) Americans eat more than 16 billion hot dogs each year.

    7) [a] The fava bean, also known as faba bean, horse bean and broad bean, was the only bean known in Europe until the discovery of the New World.

    8) [c] The term ‘bain Marie’ was originally used in alchemy, and was named after Moses’ sister, who was an alchemist.

    9) [c] Yellow bell peppers. Green, sweet bell peppers have 2 times as much vitamin C as oranges; red and yellow bell peppers have 4 times as much.

    10) [c] is false. Bananas are not related to orchids.






    Oy, 1/10…winner was 10!






    Are only MS and JK checking these out? haha!

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