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    Hi all. Our 5 month old kitten, Leo, finishes his 6th week of oral meds for rinworm tomorrow. (The vet said it is dangerous to continue longer.) We will continue to treat it topically with Lotrimin (vet rec.) and Apple Cider Vinegar (seems to be “killing” my ringworm so I dilute it and use it on the cat’s spots.) I’m pretty discouraged, though, because as of last week he was still getting new spots on his muzzle. His nose has never been clear of it since we got him in late Feb. It changes location, size and color but doesn’t go away. The good news…a nasty spot on his tail is gone and totally covered with hair now. Also, Emily and Eko show no signs of it (knock on every wood surface in the house.) Other good news, my sons, thought they have caught it, respond well to the Dr. recommended Lotrimin. Bad news…my skin must be different. Apple Cider Vinegar is helping, but takes lots of repeated treatments and doesn’t keep new spots from appearing. It has crept up my neck and I am afraid is making an appearance on my face! (Ironically my husband, who adores Leo and snuggles him lots, is the only one who hasn’t caught it yet.)

    The really scary thing is reading about ringworm on the internet. I guess people discussing it there are often the ones who have had a lot of trouble getting rid of it. Just the house cleaning advice is enough to make me want to crawl into bed and stay there. (You would think this is anthrax we’re dealing with.) I have definitely upped the cleaning and do laundry constantly, though. I don’t regret letting Leo out of isolation…one month was a long time. The humans all caught it before he left isolation anyways.

    I know this is a common problem with cats. My purpose (besides just sharing and venting a little) with this post is to see if there are more “normal” experiences out there than the ones I’ve read about on the internet. We’ve been fighting it for over a month in the humans and Leo for over 2 months (since before we got him)…I’m getting worried.

    Can anyone say, “Yeah, we fought it and won.” Anyone have success getting rid of it within a reasonable timeframe?



    Don’t let the “common problem with cats” canard as much credence as any other anecdotal reference.

    This “truth” led to my poor Tommy2 (second cat of same moniker) to be constantly pounced and inch searched by Mom every time he passed her line of sight. Reason…. I had caught Ringworm Assumption…. It must be the cat!

    Well a solid month into the trauma/drama (T2 was getting quite paranoid) Mom looked at Fritzie’s (My German Dachshund) belly as he laid stretched out on his back snoring loudly.

    You guessed it!… an assortment of spots and rings proclaiming the carrier of the misery! T2’s misery of thinking he was in the dog house and mine for the forbidden scratching.

    It was quickly resolved once the correct source was treated.

    I still recommend Gentian Violet even though the shade of purple is alarming and it can get on everything you don’t want dyed.



    In our case it was definitely Leo. He had it before we adopted him and a fungal culture confirmed it. I like the “quickly resolved” part of your answer. That gives me some hope. There are so many home remedies and some swear by each of them. It’s hard to try them all. Apple Cider Vinegar seems to affect it, but, like I said, hasn’t kept new spots from appearing on my skin. Did you use the Violet on yourself and the dog?



    Mom used Tincture of Iodine. It stung. I have used Gentian Violet on my kid’s for Diaper Rash and boiled their bottles and nipples to avoid thrush. Also it stopped my husbands raging athletes foot (ringworm’s first cousin)cold.. He didn’t even have to throw out his sneakers.



    I’m freaking out right now…just discovered ringworm in my 5 yr old’s scalp (bald spot and scaly.) He’s had spots on his skin that we have treated with Lotrimin as the Dr. said to. We’ve even used the shampoo that’s recommended for ringworm scalp to prevent it from spreading there. Made a Dr.appt for first thing tomorrow morning. I’m so upset right now. Fighting it on my skin isn’t going well either. *Taking deep breaths now*



    I’m so sorry to hear about the ringworm 🙁 I don’t have any advice but just I hope that it gets better. I wish I had some advice.



    ECB, GG’s Glen Jr. has ringworm, too. We have been treating it with medicated shampoo and it’s getting better after only a week and a half.

    Here’s a link to the stuff – which came with 2 positive reviews. Maybe you can try it out:





    I found that using the antibactericidal soap made the cats at the shelter I worked at more susceptible to ringworm. It must have killed the good bacteria that kept the ringworm away. Using regular soap like Ivory and then the ringworm specific lotion,bath,etc helped the ringworm go away and it went away fairly fast. This is just something I noticed,I’m not positive about it. I hope this helps. Hang in there,all the cats I have dealt with with ringworm have gotten better.

    I have used Tinactin when I had skin breakouts myself and it works well.



    Thanks, guys. Even a sympathetic ear is nice, DG. GD, Leo is looking so much better today. But ringworm has a way of fooling you like that, so I’m saving that link under favorites (and I might try it if the other cats come down with it.) I’ve never given a cat a bath…sounds like a daunting task. Buttercup…that is so interesting because I bathe with antibacterial soap and my ringworm is the most out of control. (The cats aren’t getting baths…the vet never even suggested that.) I may have to reconsider that. Thanks.



    We are still battling ringworm (after 7 weeks for the humans.) Despite careful bathing, shampooing, house-cleaning, laundry, and catching and treating it early it has spread to the scalp for my kids and me. We are all on oral meds which have some unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects (as most meds do I suppose.) Leo still seems like he may be near the end…hard to tell…his nose changes a little each day. Emily has worried me with some excessive shedding, which can be a first sign of ringworm…but it is spring so we’ll hope for the best.

    When we adopted Emily (our first cat) we also met Eko (who we adopted 2 months later) and his brother who were both on oral meds for ringworm. You could see the lesions that were healing. But the vet tech was very casual about it…even knowing we had kids in the house. She just said if you get a spot just put some Tinactin on it and it will go away. That is probably true for many people but not for us. I kind of wish there was a way to alert everyone out there who adopts out cats to not be quite so casual about it. (And that was just one experience….I’m sure many are more serious and won’t even adopt them out.) And, by the way, that wasn’t our reason for not choosing Eko at the time…we didn’t take it that seriously at the time either.

    My doctor said he has never had a patient, in 18 years, that had a multi-year battle with it like you will read about on the internet. That was encouraging. (And encouragement is great at this point.)

    Skyron, if you’re out there, how is the iodine working for you?


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    {{{Ecbrown, family and kittehs}}} Knock on wood, I haven’t dealt with this yet and hope never to. Hope that its gets better for you and yours soon, that has to be frustrating as heck.



    Oh dear, that sounds dreadful. I know ringworm is a terrible problem in shelters because of reinfection, it’s almost impossible to stop everyone getting infected, but I haven’t heard of humans having such a hard time. I’ve had it several times, and I just douse the spot with betadine and put a plaster over it (to stop spores drifting off) and it usually clears right up. Then when I get home, I use an anti-fungal cream the pharmacist recommended to make extra sure. Maybe you need a different lotion, as others have suggested, and yes, I think definitely bathing the cats with an anti-ringworm shampoo might help. You poor thing, what a miserable time you’re having 🙁



    I know, JCAT. I had it once when I was teaching school (right where my students would touch my arm) and just used the anti-fungal cream and it went away. I thought the same thing would happen this time. It’s funny…we caught it while Leo was still in isolation and we would wash our hands every time we left the room. I guess the spores were still all over our clothes.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I keep reminding myself we can be thankful it’s nothing life threatening. (And my husbands job happened to add a benefit this year where they put a chunck of $ in a health savings account for us. So it’s someone else paying our medical expenses until that $ runs out…and they were generous. Nice, huh?)

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