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    I’m new to this site and found it while trying to do research in order to find ways to make my 3 week old kitten, Oliver, poop!

    A friend of mine found him outside and now He’s in my home!! :)) I got him 5 days ago, he went to the vet on Tuesday (day 3) and after they checked his temperature he pooped for the first time (it was dark and long). After taking him home he hasn’t pooped at all for the past two days. He pees normally several times a day. I stimulate his genital area and anus with a damp/warm cotton ball.

    So far, the stimulating isn’t working with his poop. He seems very healthy, happy, and energetic. He purrs and loves my other cat and dog so he’s fine behavior wise.

    I even tried rubbing his belly and somewhat tried the “triangle-method.” I also gave him some hairball paste to maybe lubricate his stomach contents and help him pass his stool but so far nothing has worked.

    Should I use a q-tip with vaseline on it to sort of poke his butt-hole? I’m thinking it might help since that’s what they basically did at the vet’s office that made him go.

    HELP PLEASE!! I’m planning on taking him to the vet again tomorrow if he doesn’t poop by tomorrow afternoon and I’m really not financially fit to be taking him back and forth to the vet and paying for the overly expensive office visits (I don’t mind paying for an actual treatment…everything’s just so expensive in Southern Cali).



    Rub his bottom with a warm wet wash cloth.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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