Hard to believe it has been a year.

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    Watched a programme today all about the quake, tsunami and the aftermath. We still can’t believe that the ground shook for a full 5 minutes.

    Great ‘during & now’ pictures.


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    It seems that it would be hard to move on after such a horror, but people do it all the time. The families that have gone through this tragedy are still on my mind, may peace and grace surround them.


    Last night on Animal Planet on “Must Love Cats” the host took a trip to Japan. He went to the site where there is a cat shelter run by an American couple. They go into the contaminated area, which is off-limits to humans, to feed the cats that were abandoned, risking their lives so the cats can survive. God Bless them in their work and keep them safe!

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    He also went to Cat Island to see the 100 cats there that the fishermen feed the kitties.

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