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    Here’s a link directly to the TDK candle page, if anyone else would like to light a candle for Ashby:

    It takes so little time for their pawprints to become permanently planted in our hearts, doesn’t it? My deep sympathy for the loss of your sweet little girl.



    Thanks Leeny..I lit a candle for sweet lil’ Ashby.


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    Thank you Leeny… I have added a candle as well



    thanks Leeny. I lit one as well.



    Hi Ashby, I’m so sorry for what happened, but glad you have found TDK – this is a great little community, we laugh together, cry together, and yeah, OK, sometimes even argue together, but we all care deeply for our cats, and know what you and your partner are going through. I hope you continue to post here, and would love to see some pictures if you’re able to post them (when you’re ready, ask for some help on putting together a Catster page). {{hugs}}



    It’s such a small gesture, but I lit a candle for Ashby, too.



    Ashby.. Please feel free to post here on TDK. It’s a loving community!

    Your sweet Ashby is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.



    Thank you, Leeny. I lit one, too. Ashby, I came to TDK for the exact same reason, and have been here ever since. It’s a warm, loving home and will embrace you like a long lost brother. Whenever you are able, we’d love to see your photos of Ashby. No rush. We’re here when you feel up to it.



    I have lit a candle too. I am very very sorry for your loss. Ashby sounds like such a beautiful wonderful kitten. This is a very heartbreaking story. I have cried for you. It really touches my heart. You did all you could for your little baby and she knows how loved she is. You and your partner are in my thoughts. I would love to see photos if you have the strength to share them with us.



    Thank you all again for your kind words, and the for the candle page.

    If you click on my name, you can now go to my catster page and see pictures of Ashby. The information is a little sparse, but I’ll add to that in time.

    Thanks to everyone



    What a beautiful little kitten, Ashby’s dad! I can certainly see how she would have stolen your heart. But I am also very grateful that, even for such a short life, she knew love with you all.



    Your baby has wings now.

    **Crying, can’t write anything else.**


    Renee in Arkansas

    I am so sorry for your loss. Bless little Ashby. There is a poem that I posted on the thread “TDK white light needed”, if you wish to read it. Maybe it will bring a bit of comfort. It is called “If It Should Be”.


    Ashby was beautiful, as you are beautiful for giving her so much love, care and attention in her short life.

    Sometimes these little ones can touch us in the deepest parts of our hearts.

    I feel your pain and your grief, and if I could, I would be there to take you in my arms and hold you while we both cry.

    I, too, have lost a little one that I spent time and money, not to mention a part of my heart to get him well.

    He apparently had hidden Feline Leukemia which he tested negative for, but his mother later tested positive.

    It’s been many years, and the pain is not longer there, but he is still missed.

    Please accept my virtual hugs, and welcome to TDK. You are among friends.

    Peace, {{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}, and purrs.



    Poor Ashby! I too lit a candle.


    2 Popoki

    Ashby is a gorgeous little kitty. She had a pretty rough life… so glad she knew love before she passed.



    Ashby looks just like my Whiskers did when she was six weeks old. I am very sorry for your loss. Sending you gentle hugs as you grieve for the loss of your beautiful little furrbaby.



    Beautiful Ashby..Because of you and partner, she knew love in the short time she was here..My kitties sent a friends request.


    Aww, she was so cute. ***wipes away fresh tears*** {{{HUGS}}} to you for adopting her, at least she knew she was loved, even for a few short weeks.



    what a sweet,dear little kitten,thanks for showing her love,Ashby’s Dad.



    A Russian Blue. My Basil was the same–they look very similiar. I am so very sorry. I lost my boy a few weeks ago–it still hurts. It is some how comforting to know that they are together at the bridge. She was so beautiful.



    I’m so sorry about your loss, how very sad. It was hard enough for me to make the decision to put my 11 1/2 year old kitty down a couple years ago when she got sick, but I couldn’t imagine the pain of putting the baby down… *hugs* to you and your partner… just don’t 2nd guess your decision… I know it’s easier said than done, but know she’s happy again and not in any pain…

    I lit a candle for Ashby as well…




    I lit a candle too! Ashby was one beautiful kitten. Right now tears are streaming down my face, so I hope I am typing ok.



    Ashby was a little sweetheart – and Graycie is beautiful too. I hope you continue to post and find support here as you and your partner grieve, and then one day open your heart to another deserving little soul. There are so many out there, and you obviously have a lot of love to give.




    Here’s another poem that might help – I know you only had weeks not years with Ashby, but they steal our hearts so quickly…



    Hello Ashby’s dad. I feel every drop of your tears and pain. I m so sorry for your loss. I ham suffering also for the loss of my tiny cutest kitten. Her name was Blue. Reading your lines melted my heart, reading the same details of her sickness and her collapse !! This very short time with her, day and night and non stop care to make her get and feel better …. I miss her like hell. I keep putting my hands on my chest and left elbow where she used to snuggle and sleep; where I used to feel her every breath and purr. I don t know what to do to ease my pain. Looking at her photos breaks me in parts.
    May Ashby & Blue be in a better place with no pain now :(((

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