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    Hey everyone so i have good news on the second kitten adoption front, we hve found a beautiful tabbby little girl named Luna to rescue 🙂 We get here in a week and we are so excited especially after our disappointment with the last kitten we tried to rescue (she was given away to another home in a mix up but am just glad she went to another home)

    On another note, when we got Tiberius after the first few days he started suckling on my clothes n kneading. I didnt mind as he was only a tiny baby with tiny claws! Hes now 15 weeks old and still suckling only hes very aggresive when hes doin it and no matter how much you pull him away he will go straight back! I would not mind at all except for those tiny soft claws are turin into big, very sharp ones!! Im covered in scratches, he seems to jus like my chest and tummy but never my legs and arms. Any tips would be helpful. The vet said at his 12 week vaccine that he would grow out of it but hes doing it more!



    congratulations on the tabby girl…



    Get him a squishy stuffed animal and put him next to it every time he starts kneading. Even if he’s not kneading, when he’s sleepy and calm, you can put the stuffed animal under his paws. He will eventually get the idea.

    When they get older, they get a little better about keeping their claws in when they are kneading.



    Hello Tiber, I am dealing with the sucking thing with Tiger. She is agressive, a dominant minded kiteen. It started day one, when she was about 7 weeks old. If I pet here, and she purrs, then she wants to suck immediately, she does the paw peddleing thing too. She goes for the insides of my elbows, near my underarms, wrists, and neck. Three of these probably have scent glans. I am not sure about the wrists.

    I can come home after a day out and she is pent up to suckle. I can lift her off by the scruff of the neck, give her a hiss and say no. She will come ack 20 times in a row, she is determined and wants her way. I have tried a soft animal, but no go on that. It must be a scent thing, she does not suckle on my clothes. Two weeks or so ago, I rub 1/4 drop of tobasco on these spots. This is not enough to make her run for the water dish, but it sure sours the scent (or milk???) I do continue to pet her, but she usually imediately searches all the alternate suckling spots, they leaves the bed. Sometimesshe just smells the tobasco, sometimes she is so determined that she sucks on a spot anyway! Spits, then leaves the bed (for hours).

    Two days ago, when I came home she went for elbows as usual, and I held here and petted her, she got up and tried for scent spots several times. I used the scruff lift, gently, hoissed the held her and petted her, whick she does like, She purred and finally I got her to stay. First light at the end of the tunnel.

    I do not like the suckling as I feel her teeth, and that does wear on my skin. I just read Born Free, in there Elsa (the lioness) at two years old still sucked her “mama”s thumb! Note: Why do cats bury their dropings? Lions do it also! They are predatores and need to hide their presence when lying in wait to catch their prey. Cats too! They hide to not be seen, they keep clean and also bury their dropping to hide their scent.

    Going back to prior paragraph, When finally she started to remain on my arm holding her, Even as I held her, when she made a move to position herself to suckle, I glently touched her nose and said no with a little hiss added in, continuing to pet her, she continuing to purr. This finally has keep her in place. At bed time I put tobasco on those desired spots, she checked each of them out, then gave up and laid own beside me. So, she is slowly changing. Good. I want a warm loving relationship with my kittens / cats. I don’t want to be chewed on. Other things to tell, but on another post. Like trills but more than two notes.

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