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    I have a question…a woman I work with told me that she buys the Frontline for large dogs and uses a syringe to apply it to her cats and has done this for years. She says this can *only* be done with Frontline because it is the only one that uses the same ingredient in the dog and cat versions. This is a huge price savings because you can treat several cats from one dog vial. Is this true? I’ve looked on the internet and some say it is, and others say it is a different concentration of the ingredient.



    I don’t think I’d take the chance.. especially if you have small or young furrbabies



    CW, All the literature says no, no, no! I would not use something designed for a dog on a kitty. Why take the chance.



    I wish I knew if it was safe. I cannot afford to continue spending $80 a month for flea control. Between the Bio Spot, flea collars (thrown out,) Revolution, flea bombs, and now my order of DE, I am well over $200. (If the DE works, I will owe anncetera my LIFE!)



    “What fun thing did you spend your $600 tax rebate on?”




    OK, I called Frontline and spoke to a vet tech. She said that though it is the same active ingredient in both the dog and cat versions, the way they are blended is different to accomodate for differences in a cat’s system versus a dog’s. She said that to use dog flea products on a cat is a federal violation!



    I personally do this. My vet sells me the large vial for dogs and I use it on cats and dogs. I use 1/2cc for the cats. My furbabies have not had any adverse affects from using the dog brand for both my dogs and cats. Like I said, I buy this at my vet’s office, they supply the syringe and the proper dosages for everyone. Good luck with your flea problems. I am battling the same here in Mississippi right now.



    Oh and BTW,

    Frontline is the only flea product that I will use the dog brand on my cats, not any other brands because they can be lethal to the cats.




    CW and TF, My vet told me I could use frontline for dogs also by using 1/2 cc per cat. My cats have never had any problems with this either.



    CW, please read up on DE on at least 6 different websites. And please, please, please make sure you’re getting the kind that is horticultural or food grade, NOT the kind used for swimming pool filters! (The kind used for pool filters is an aggregate that is not small enough grains to work for insect control.)

    Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be out of town for a few days, but I’ll be checking TDK and my email on Tuesday. Let me know how I can help.



    Yes, I was sure to get food grade. The website warned specifically against the swimming pool kind. Thank you so much for your help!



    No problem! I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. (The only downside I’ve found, really, is having a home that looks like it’s been hit with a flour bomb for a couple of weeks.)



    OK, one more viewpoint on the Frontline for dogs being used on cats…my vet said that the one difference in the two formulas is the specific anti-tick medication in the dog version. He said it can cause seizures in cats, and that he has treated cats brought to him having seizures from Frontline. He doesn’t carry Frontline anymore.

    Just another viewpoint! This is what is great about a discussion like this, you get to hear all different opinions.


    Has anyone used this?

    A girl at work is using it and says it is great



    I’ve used Revolution for years and it has always worked great until my current flea problem. See my flea thread!



    meezermama I use revolution on everyone but Buster, for some reason he does not tolerate it. He gets front line plus, but I am gonna try the frontline multi because it covers the same things as revolution does



    Thanks MeezerMama….. Joe’s seems to have the lowest prices for Advantage and Revolution that I’ve seen so far. Tho, not knowing what the s/h charges are…….. Why these companies don’t add the shipping charges before the lengthy checkout proceedure, so you will know what they are prior to checkout. Guess that is a too logical of an approach. I know I want to see the bottom line before committing to the sale. (Especially to compare to companies that offer free shipping). Just one of my gripes with internet shopping!! 🙁


    That is annoying.



    My vet told me today that the Revolution *is* working, but since I have a flea “infestation” <shudder> I am seeing new hatching fleas from the environment on the cats. That is why I am only finding the tiniest of fleas. I’m not kidding, they are the size of pepper. The flea bomb company told me that it takes 24-48 hours for the fleas to die and to NOT bomb again. I feel a little bit better. As the eggs hatch and tiny fleas come out, they die.



    Catwoman wrote, “My vet said that the one difference in the two formulas is the specific anti-tick medication in the dog version.”

    This simply isn’t true. There’s nothing in the dog version that’s not also in the cat version. Both contain fipronil and (S)-methoprene. Fipronil is just an insecticide—nothing fancy about that. It kills fleas & ticks.

    But what about flea eggs that aren’t on your pet? That’s where methoprene comes in. It’s a synthetic JH (juvenile hormone) that mimics insects’ natural JH. In nature, JH allows larvae to grow bigger while preventing premature metamorphosis. When a larva gets big enough, it’s body stops producing JH, and the larva metamorphoses into a sexually mature adult, capable of reproduction.

    Since methoprene acts just like real JH, the larvae just get bigger, but never become sexually mature, and can’t reproduce. They will die without ever laying eggs.

    Frontline Plus for cats contains 9.8% fipronil and 11.8% (S)-methoprene (and 78.4% inert ingredients).

    Frontline Plus for cats contains 9.8% fipronil and 8.8% (S)-methoprene (and 81.4% inert ingredients).

    In other words, the dog and cat version are identical, except that the dog version has slightly LESS of one ingredient.

    Lots of vets & shelters use the “dog” version of Frontline Plus on both dogs and cats.


    Welcome to TDK, Steven. Your research looks very thorough. I’m sure many TDKers will find it helpful. 🙂


    Renee in Arkansas

    CINDY also got the larger dog kind with syring from vet



    We have used the frontline XL for dogs on our two cats for years, ever since they were kittens, you need to get a kit, I got mine on ebay for a few bucks. You can also buy your frontline on ebay, which I always do to save. Just make sure you know correct dose to put on cat.



    So what’s the verdict, 1/2cc of regular “Frontline” or of Frontline “PLUS” for dogs okay to put on a 10 to 14lb cat? I’m with you on the cost containment thing. I’m fostering 4 cats and 4 vials per month 12 months a year is simply too much to pay while i’m unemployed. Someone donated her Dog Frontline PLUS to me. I know from the Cat rescue groups, they routinely use the largest vial of plain Advantage for Dogs they can get and syringe exactly 0.9ml out to use on each on cat. I see the formulation, ingredients and amounts are different for Advantage vs Frontline. But for me it’s Frontline Plus or fleas, tapeworms and scabs all over. I’ve got to do it. So was the vet advice 0.5ml (same as 0.5cc=0.5ml=1/2ml) of Frontline or Frontline plus?



    ok, i keep all my old used packaging. and i’m comparing cat frontline plus (includes flea, ticks and lice control) to dog (45-88pounds) frontline plus. Same active ingredients in slightly different amounts. FPlus for cats is fipronil 9.8% and (S)-methoprene 11.8%, inert ingredients 78.4% whereas Dog FPlus is fipronil 9.8% and (S)-methoprene 8.8% which is slightly LESS, and 81.4% inert ingredients. So I am guessing, GUESSING, that if given the right dosage, it might be safe. But has anyone out there tried the F.PLUS on a 10lb cat safely. Some of the prior comments were unclear whether they were refering to frontline or frontline plus or the new frontline multi.

    The multi’s are probably closer to Revolution which also kills a certain worm and ear mites or mange i think). Just so everyone knows, there’s Advantage brands (various ones like Advantage multi), Frontline brands (including Fplus and Fmulti), the newer Revolution, the ingestible pill one, and one i see commercials now is Pet ARmour sold at Targets. Any feedback on that one as far as cost and if it works? Just FYI, Advanage regular uses Imidacloprid and Advantage Multi uses Imidacloprid + moxidectin, both different from Frontline”s. Some control heartworm, fleas, hookworms, roundworms, ear mites. I don’t see what the flea/heartworm/mange/ear mite/nematode worm killing ingredient in Revolution is. I think it’s selamectin but that could just be the generic name. For more info on revolution 1888 revolution, made by Pfizer.

    If anyone has connections to a vet willing to give true cost saving advice and repurcussions of off-use use of these meds to them, please post info… no need to name names for liability reasons as there is always a risk in altering use and dosage of medications and that’s why the companies don’t sell them in “family size” multi application jars…too risky, too many stupud people will overdose or underdose their pets and then sue them.



    I just used a syringe to measure .5 of Frontline to add to my 2 cats a few days ago and they are fine. HOWEVER last year my 4yo cat died a day after using the CAT FORMULA, but I don’t recall which brand nor do I know for sure if her death was from the flea control liquid. She had it in the past with no problems.

    I tried flea combing daily but couldn’t keep up.



    three months now using .25 ml Frontline Plus for 100 pounds dogs on my two 5-7 pounds kittens. 0 fleas, 2 happy cats and 1 richer owner



    This is what we use as well. i only use it, when i see a flea. so, this year, I don’t know that I’ve even used it. But, I should probably go ahead and start it since it’s getting warmer out here.

    My cats were about 4 weeks old when we started, with a much smaller dose though.



    I used small dosages of Advantage for dogs on my two cats for years and never had a flea or health problem. This was also vet reccomeneded and my kit was given by the vet. Ebay is a good source for the kit and also cheap flea medicine. The kits sold on ebay also gives a diagram on how much to put on your cats. I usually put a .5 on the syringe and apply it to the back of my cats neck. I also just bought a new pack of Frontline for dogs for $3.00 on ebay auction.




    Would you take your spouses/friends meds, No! Why would you risk the same for your pets?! (Esp a Toxic substance!!)

    Taken from Yahoo article:

    Significant Difference in Flea Meds for Dogs & Cats

    Not all flea medications utilize the same ingredients. Some chemicals that are approved for use in dogs may be toxic to cats and vice versa.

    Some medications utilize the same ingredients for dogs and cat medications, but the amount of chemicals in the formulas are different.

    Read more: Difference Between Dog & Cat Flea Meds |

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