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    For Keri…

    A handsome orange cat stands with a small calico at the edge of the knoll, where there is a view of everything. Together they look out in the distance.

    “Does she think of us?” asks the little one, who didn’t know her big brother until she came to the Meadow. “Does she remember us? Does she know we’re alright?”

    “She thinks of us often, and your brother Jasper does his best to help heal her. The human heart is very fragile; she is afraid of what we remember.”

    “I only remember her and Jasper,” comments the calico. “I fell asleep with Jasper next to me and woke to see you and the Wolf. This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen and I feel her love for me as strong as when I saw her.”

    “Same here. I saw her, fell asleep, and woke here. Our cousin Chinook greeted me. Then I met our cousin Pfeffer, as well as our big goggie cousin Mandy. Then I met you.”

    Simba and Callie lean on each other, sending all their love to their beloved mama.

    “We will wait for you, mama. It will be a lifetime for you, but only a moment for us. We run and play and it seems we are always running into more of our extended family!

    We are hoping they will stop by, as well as friends on this site who are also waiting for their humans. We love you!”



    I invite everyone to ask their friends who are residents of the Meadow to visit this thread. Dedicate/remember someone, share some thoughts, tell a story, or just say Hello!

    Or, perhaps you, the human, would like to say hello to your furry friends who are waiting for you!

    Now where are Shaddo and Jiggs?…



    Thank you, Joan. Beautiful words as always. I think Great Aunt Jinx is there too!



    Uncle Spud! Hey, Simba! {{Air Paws}}


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Thank you Joan, wonderful thoughts by reading this 🙂



    beautiful idea…


    Lynn from PA 6/8

    Tom, Sam, Stevie, Angel, Lucky and Lady–Mama misses you all and just wanted to say Hi! Continue playing and basking in the warm sunshine til we meet again.



    Simba, a year ago today we lost you. We miss you very much. I know that your mama thinks of you and Callie all the time. She is having a hard time without you.



    Jroc, how is your daughter? Did they ever find out what evil person hurt her cats?



    Lady Muck, Maneki and Smelly Cat i can see you all there waiting for me. I will always miss you and love you. But i will see you all again some day.



    Smokey, Topaze, Domino and Cat, hope you’re all up there playing and snoozing together and keeping watch over your hoomins.



    Whiskers, Winston, Lars, Cinnibar, Whiskers Too, Sebastian and Maverick – Mama loves and misses you. Thank you for watching over your brothers and me. Be good to each other.



    Simba James….please know we are watching out for your Mama…she loved you and Callie so…..I know you and my Gizmo are romping in the meadow along with all those that have gone before you. Thank you, Joan, for your beautiful words/thoughts.



    Kilroy, sweetie. I know my mama came for you a while ago, what will she do now that you no longer have matted fur for her to trim and brush? You always loved it when she did that, you loved the attention & I think you felt better afterwards. She loved you very much, even though you were all fur and very little brain. Give mama a kiss for me.

    Oh darn, now the screen’s gone all blurry & I’m at that place.



    Oh man. I keep crying every time I look at this thread 🙁



    Aww, thanks Joan! Crockey & Lucky offer you earthly headbonks & purrs too for remembrance of their spunky sis diva Queen Dot! Dot, Sushi, Blackie-Wackie, Winkie-winks, Kot plus Snuffy & EmilyZ(both now with my sis Sue) and Rusty/gog (who is now w/bro Rick) offer purrs & woofs of hello & thanks from the Meadow & Realm!


    KYKAT 12 23

    Emma and her kitten pack are laying in a sunbeam, sunlight playing over their meezer faces. Their blue eyes half closed. Near by are Clueless, saphire, Samantha and misty all blue points and Heathcliff, Samantha and Mr. Sam all seal points. Next to them are a Maine Coon named Pelphrey and an Orangie nemed Sunny. They all know I am thinking about them and sending them lots of love. Samantha, Samantha and Mr. Sam were all my mom’s cats, but they have a share of my heart as well.



    Great Aunts Jinx and Chipsie (and her boy Bert) proudly lead a pack of cats to Simba and Callie. “We’re having a party, please join us – your family and your TDK friends!”

    The sun glistens on the water in the brook, the grass is soft to the paw, the sky is a brilliant shade of blue, unlike any blue that exists on Earth, and the big tree shades a huge picnic blanket, big enough for everyone.

    Jiggs is getting to know a new resident. Her name is Willow, and Jiggs thinks she is very pretty – he would, she’s a Maine Coon too!

    PJ is regaling his tales of stalking to an entranced Shaddo and Smokey.

    Smokie, Aja and Taz are comparing tails. Taz and Aja have to agree that Smokie’s is amazing!

    Maxie, Jackie, Chinook, Charcoal, Sly, and even hamsters Casey and Woody join the growing gathering.

    Later this evening, the cats are all going to purr in unison. Maybe, just maybe, if we humans listen close enough, we will hear them.



    Four Feet in Heaven

    Your favorite chair is vacant now,

    No eager purrs to greet me,

    No softly padded paws to run

    Ecstatically to meet me.

    No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry

    Will say it’s time for feeding…

    I’ve put away your bowl

    And all the things you won’t be needing.

    But I will miss you, little friend,

    For I could never measure

    The happiness you brought to me,

    The comfort and the pleasure.

    And since God put you here to share

    In earthly joy and sorrow,

    I’m sure there’ll be a place for you

    In Heaven’s bright tomorrow!



    Katie cuddles up with her Snowman, basking in the sunshine, so warm and comforting. Lil’ Cheeper snuggles up between them so she can be so close to her Snowman. Rusty and Whiskers are fishing by the cool stream hoping to catch all of those playful fish swimming there. Megan and Minnie play tag while tring to catch butterflys. Megan loves to show off and show how high she can leap into the air to snatch anything that flies, just because she can!

    Yes, all of the dearly departed Zoo Crew are happy and content in the Meadow, waiting for their Meowma to come for them.

    I miss all of you more than words can say. I love it when you come and visit me! I know when you are there, watching me or sleeping with me. Our reunion when the time comes will be glorious! Till then I will hold and kiss you in my dreams till we can be together again.



    That was beautiful Joan, and thank you for starting this thread!



    …. Big Buc and his BF Winston are curled up together….. next to them is little brother Milo…………. they have met their ‘grandcats’ – Heather, CT, GIJoe and Fluffy from Meowmy’s childhood…… it’s a beautiful day in the meadow.



    Shiva the First Cat, summons the rest of the family to the edge of a shimmering blue lake. Inkspot and Kali come running to the side of their beloved “uncle”. Missy joins a moment later, and is followed by Casey who makes her entrance like the queen she truly is. “Stare at the water,” says Shiva, “and wait for the ripples.” Casey looks a bit doubtful, but suddenly she realizes what they are doing. “Yes! The center of the ripples will send a message to Mama!”

    As I sit at my computer, the center of the ripples connects to the center of my eyes. And as the disturbance of the water causes it to spill onto the shore, so my eyes overflow. “My Babies! I’m so glad to know you’re thinking of me. I think of you all the time. Thank you so much for the visit. I love you all.”



    That poem made me cry, Joan….so meaningful.



    If you find a bit of quiet time this afternoon/evening/overnight, listen for a chorus of purrs. They will be starting soon.



    A blur of butterflies fill the sky…



    Beautiful Joan. Thank you so much. MaryLynn…words fail me. To the rest of you….my heart is full, my eyes are drenched.



    Whitefoots & Wild, sisters parted as kittens are there revelling in being in each others company along with their ‘siblings’ Smudge and Sharp. Whitefoots sons Nicky & Monty are chasing butterflies while their ‘Aunt’ Mitzi watches on with a smile.



    Usually this time of night I hear crickets, frogs and sometimes coyotes.

    Tonight there is another sound…



    Joan, your poem brought tears to my eyes thinking of our furry babies.

    Simba James, I will never forget how you didn’t want me, GMA(Grandma) to leave and sat on my lap. And you slept next to me when I visited. And your “crabby hat” that you wore for me so I could take a picture.

    Little Callie May, who was taken from us just 2 weeks after Simba.

    Thinking of Pfeffer, Jetta, Mokie, Whitefoot and her babies, my bestest furry buddy Chinook who was always there for me.

    Willow, Katza.

    And the goggies; Mandy, Desi, Sunny.

    To all of you from all of us….. We Miss You. You are always in our hearts. We love you.

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