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    Hey all – just about time to light the Tikki torches, have a swipe from the fountain and lounge at the TDK pool/hot tub.
    Brutie is as cute as they come!



    Hi Joan – enjoy it’s time for Happy Hour~
    Brutie says Woof as thanks for the compliment!
    Hmm, just go this link from GD on cute food share:
    1988 – wow/I’m li’l late/LOL! (Learn something every day!)



    oh, I’ll take a swipe and join you by the hot tub …. finished for the day, and I think I’ve got Mr. AV sufficiently ‘buttered up’ for a dinner out 🙂

    …. he’s not up for the movie, but maybe tomorrow or Sun. afternoon ….

    …. have a great evening all!



    Hey, I just got FYI Totoro update from Lazlo/Commune & Charlotte/GD:

    Must share fun!



    Oo, kits have introduced a new drinkie-poo to the Menu:
    chocolate blitzen
    1/2 oz. (15ml) Vodka
    1/2 oz. (15ml) Dark Creme de Cacao
    1 oz. (30ml) Baileys Irish Cream
    1 1/2 Cup Chocolate Ice Cream
    Chocolate Sprinkles
    2 oz. (60ml) Melting Chocolate
    1. Rim glass with hot melted chocolate and dip in chocolate sprinkles.
    2. Blend vodka, creme de cacao, baileys and ice cream. Do not blend the ice cream completely to a liquid. Let it maintain some of it’s thickness.
    3. Pour into chocolate rimmed glass and add sprinkles on top.
    (Remember to sip slowly 😉 )



    Thanks everyone for the flea treatment thoughts. The flea collar that is on Mac has been on him since June, so perhaps I should just put a new one on him. The one I bought, however, is a Hartz, which I’m not sure I should go with. The vet did treat Mac with something that would kill off whatever is on him. Maybe 1 dose before winter sets in, then perhaps Mac will be in for the winter, slimming the flea population.



    Oooh JK, you snuck that yummy drinkie to the lounge – looks delish. Think I’ll try a virtual one!



    Aw, be safe w/flea collar Joan. Vet once told me they really aren’t safe for cats/too toxic in one spot! 🙁 (Actually pulled it off one of my kits years ago as proven point!)
    Just a FYI: I’ve used DE on my kits as sprinkle on rub thru fur to skin. Messy but safer.



    Yes as Jean had said Joan be careful with the flea collar esp a Hartz collar they can cause chemical burns.. The only time I’ve ever use the flea collar is for the vacuum .. Pop one in the bag and Hoover away any eggs/flea that get picked up get killed in the bag. Always concentrate on the edges of rooms fleas generally lay eggs along the edge of a room along the skirting .

    Jean that drink sounds yummy 🙂 might order it in cafe when my taste buds start working again 🙂

    KM you know you can buy microchip cat flaps! They only open for cats that are chipped.. So if all your furries are chipped they can entry and no neighbourhood cats can get in ( not unless they are chipped)

    Think I might try and get some sleep. I have work tomorrow and I’m hoping to feel a bit better.



    Hi all, just popping in. As soon as I logged in something came up I have to attend to.
    Back later.



    Oh wow, hope you feel better soon Buttons. Thanks for the fyi flea hang out area Buttons. Yes, I have one in vacuum too! (When Crock moved in he was almost greyish vs cream because of ALL of the fleas/dust! Yup – probs for awhile esp w/Dot too.) I guess fleas are more attracted to lighter colored fur. Crock still has most challenges/but air him out more regularly/in warmer temps than others. I use the non-toxic as herb based topical meds during the warmer months on trio & Otto/when avail. You must apply about 2x’s per month but seems to work as regular back up remedy. (Crock got ill/almost died from well know better toxic version – said NEVER again to toxic products!) Anyways, getting off my soap box. Now is time for a
    swipe from fountain & back to finish up before outta her ’til MOanday. Waves/wishes for all to have a pleasant next couple of days. Now a smooch for Tux, later kits.



    Can’t really sleep .. But on the upside.. Mr B allowed Noodle into the bedroom so I could snuggle . After all I need a nurse kitty tonight. I thought I might get 10 mins Max of cuddle time before he got giddy and started jumping about and thats his cue to leave the bedroom. But he fell asleep and even when he woke he still stayed on the bed beside me 🙂 that was nearly an hour ago and he’s still here snuggled up to me . It’s a record for the longest he’s stayed peaceful in the bedroom .. I’m hoping the more he stays calm in the bedroom he’ll realise he can stay in bed .. I’d love another bedroom kitty we miss Bob terribly at night 🙁

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    MS races into the Cafe and skids to a stop at the fountain and opts of JK’s Chocolate Blitzen(virtual). I think a real one would shatter my teeth with sweetness. Heads for the patio where the tiki lights are burning.
    My urgent job is done, wow the traffic was thick in my suburb but I was lucky and found one of h=the last available parks.
    Haven’t had time to read the posts thoroughly I’m sorry and I have more jobs calling me away.
    It’s Saturday and again we have strong winds but at least the washing will dry quickly. That’s the next job, hang the washing out.
    HRH stayed in her little fort all night which means I had a good sleep without the bedhog waking me constantly. Yay for the fort and her obvious preference of sleeping in it. I hope this fad lasts a long time.
    AV, hope you got your wish for movie.
    Buttons I hope you feel better soon. Remember that Lysine is an immune booster for humans too. Maybe you need to take some yourself.
    Joan, yay on Mac learning to use the litter tray and knowing when it’s best to stay inside.
    BB, I like your use of the shepherds hook. Mr MS used one on the farm but we can’t seem to find it now, he probably gave it away, 😥 Sad as it would be the solution to some of my feeding problems. I had mama & baby sparrows out feeding on the apple and banana I put out for them this morning. I love watching the babies as they furiously flap their little wings and stubby tails as they wait for mama to pop another morsel in their beak. Oh Gavin, you little sweetie.
    KM, Waving. Your fearless foursome sound like they are having a great time.
    KJ, keep warm and cozy and isn’t Dorry a sweetie for helping with the bed making.
    JK, that’s cute you’re teaching Brutie Polish.
    I agree on the flea collar topic. Had one cat who lost all the fur on his neck from the flea collar, never used one again. Oh BTW, the fur grew back.
    Must dash, washing is ready to hang out and rain is coming later in the day.



    A lady I work with, had two little kittens she saved. Her mom put Sargents?? flea drops on them and the male died from endless seizures… female had a seizure or two, but pulled through and is ok. This is so heart breaking to her, she can barely talk about it. She complained to the company and they are supposed to pay her something for it. She has to fill out all this paperwork, but bawls when she tries to answer the questions. This is just SO sad… I wish more people would know NOT to used this cheap stuff on their poor babies. Another guy I know lost his young cat from the Hartz? drops. Cost him 8-9 hundred dollars at the vet trying to save him. I know my Gavin can’t have anything like that put on him. He lost his fur from the advantage and also from Revolution and every year since, he loses the fur in that spot. Thank goodness I have not had fleas since way back then. I don’t know what I would do. All cats are different. Some are bothered by flea treatment and others, not so much. My heart breaks for all these kitties…. 🙁



    Buttons, I know how you feel about missing a kitty on the bed. Jiggs slept at my feet for years. Leela didn’t care which side when she slept on the bed, but when she went into her reclusive phase, we really missed her. Now that she has made such great strides, she is back up and usually sleeps at my feet.



    Oh, forgot to say that I did get to the farm today and bought apples. A peck of Macintosh, and a peck of Winesap. Hope to make apple crisp and some applesauce with them. Oh, my… they had a woodstove going in there and I stood by it and took in the warmth and awesomeness of it all! I miss a woodstove SO much!!! My two favorite ladies were there too. That’s a LOT of apples.



    Buttons… I am SO happy that Noodle gave you so many snuggles. Maybe he sensed you weren’t feeling well, or was enjoying your “extra heat”….fever? Hope you feel better really soon. I discovered a scratch under Gavin’s left eye while he lazed in the sun this afternoon. 🙁 The fur is gone and the skin red, with some missing. I wonder what happened? I know these two have been at each other again lately. A shame as they SEEMED to be getting along better. They were laying next to each other on my bed today, touching fur (OH MY!). Gavin’s poor ears are still so itchy!:(
    Joan, I am so glad Miss Leela is feeling so much better and now sleeps with you again. Awwww……. I love having the cats sleep with me!
    *Waving HELLO to MS as she breezes into and out of the café!!! SO busy today you are!!! 🙂



    Joan a few years ago I had fleas in the house. He told me about getting a spray called ENFORCER. You spray around baseboards and the outside of the rooms where fleas live. It kills adult fleas AND their eggs. It worked really well. He told me also to treat the yard where the animals were the most with Bug B Gone, it kills fleas AND ticks and then they don’t bring them in. Even if you don’t have animals that go in and out, you can get fleas in your house by bringing them in on your clothes. I also am a non believer in flea collars for all the reasons listed above. You can buy FRONTLINE spray that can be applied all over and you rub it in, it’s not as expensive as the frontline drops on the back of the neck and it’s a pretty good sized bottle. When I need things like that I go to online stores like Drs. Foster Smith, it’s actually cheaper than the vet.
    Looking forward to watching Grimm tonight. We didn’t go out for dinner as Mr. KZ is feeling like Buttons! Maybe not as bad, but he is coming down with something, ugh.
    Buttons, at first Willow wasn’t very good at night in the bedroom, but now he doesn’t bother Leona, he picks his spot on the bed and sleeps there with us. They have to learn boundaries sometime and since you need nursing, it’s a good time!!
    BB, your apples sound yummy. I always love buying Paula Red apples for making applesauce, you don’t even have to add sugar. And as soon as the heat hits the apple, it turns to mush…yummm, and I love the smell in the house. Sometimes, I would add some red hots to the sauce and make it red and serve it at Christmas time. It’s cinnamony and delicious!



    Hey MS bye MS 🙂 give HRH some rubs from me ..:)

    Well Noodle stayed by my side up until a few mins ago. And I actually brought him outside I was worried cause it was so out of caracter he has been by my side purring away and offering the occasional headrub for 4 hours and not gotten off the bed once ! I’m amazed and very happy I hope this is the first of many nights now 🙂 it’s when he jumps of the bed Mr B puts him out cause he usually then jumps on the xbox so if he doesn’t do that he can come into bedroom whenever he wants too :). I gave him a treat and his raw chicken leg again so he’s happy outside now if he comes back to the door I’ll let him in … I really did need cuddles …

    Kinda drifting off to sleep again it’s just gone 3 am so I’ll catch up properly on threads in the morning 🙂

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    Cheri Hoyt

    Happy Thanksgiving to all !!!

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