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    Little Felix who is now determined to be all of five weeks of age is now going to be part of my fur-family. I have decided that after much debating over upsetting the balance in Sylvester and Mia’s lives, about how much love and thanks Felix has shown me for taking the chance of rescuing him, the thought of him going to another person whom I wouldn’t know how well they would take care of him and the fact that he has my heart now wrapped around his tiny little paws has me deciding that I am going to keep him. Even though my complex has a two pet limit, the property manager doesn’t come into my unit and the maintenance guy has only come in twice since I moved in and my cats all run and hide when anyone comes up the stairs to my unit. The good thing is both Sylvester and Felix are tuxedo kitties and the only difference may be where the white is on them is and that Felix has blue eyes.

    Vet appointment this morning says he is healthy..gaining weight (weighed .97 on Sunday and is now 1.26 pounds as of today-Wed). Also, the Vet thinks his burn on his right side of his face and front paw pads could be from a car exhaust (I am thinking he might have tried to crawl into a car engine area to hide). He had some nymph ticks on his head and one by his eye (I though it was just some crusty stuff). She removed them all and suggested I give him a bath to get rid of all the flea dirt (no fleas due to the dose of Frontline given by the emergency Vet on Sunday). He had one episode so far of a swollen butt and a little blood after pooping. The Vet said that for me to maybe add water to his dry kitten food so I did that this morning. I forgot to tell her that he passed some gas on Sunday night and a little on Monday morning. Possibly this was from the dewormer? I checked his poop twice but haven’t seen any worms but she said his belly felt full and that can also be possibly wormy too. She said for me to bring him in for a vet appointment in three weeks when he is 8 weeks to start his first round of vaccinations and at that time they can give him another dose of dewormer. She said to bring him in around age 5 months for his neutering so that he doesn’t learn to spray.

    So I am now the happy mama of three cats! Hmm..now my name should be SylvesterMiaFelixsmomma which is a bit long. Could be SMF but I am concerned that if I change my name, I lose my postings. I will think about it.



    Yay! Felix found his furrever home!!!!



    did anyone ever doubt it ? i didn’t…

    Welcome Felix !!!

    if anyone says they see 2 tuxedo cats, you can tell that maybe they need to get their eyes checked for double vision !!! ha ha ha !!!



    Karin… I am so happy for your new addition!!! It will take some adjusting for Syl and Mia, but they will adapt. I once moved into an apt. and they asked about pets, which I said I had none. Well, I had 3 kits, and nobody ever knew. Unless someone goes into your apt. and does a head count….. and more than likely maint. that goes in, is just there to do whatever….they do not know what is in your lease agreement, or how many pets you have. Not that you should practice the devious, like I did,…………..but sometimes it’s just what you have to do. Funny when I read your post several days ago, I could not get the Felix The Cat theme song out of my head. So now I pass it along to you!!!! You can sing it in the shower!!!! 🙂




    Ahhh, ConCatulations. Felix knew what he was doing when he cried for you, didn’t he?

    His eyes may turn another colour when he gets a little older so it won’t be so obvious that he isn’t a second tuxie.


    KYKAT 12 23

    Happy for wee Felix! He will integrate with Syl and Mia soon. You could be SylMiaFeMomma to shorten it down a bit



    When you change your nickname in your profile it changes to the current entry on all your past threads..

    Kudo’s for little Felix



    Congratulations on your new addition. Our cat family has two males and one female and the two males have formed the closest bond of all. I bet Sylvester and Felix will be buddies. And if Mia is like my Emily she’ll enjoy having two brothers to monitor and make sure they don’t step out of line. Adding a third has been a great thing at our house and I bet it will be at yours too (once the initial hisses are out of the way, of course.)



    I’ve been waiting for this post since you found this little guy. Congrats to you and love to the lucky Felix for having such a good mama. SMF is a Twisted Sister song, btw. lol (((Karin & Felix)))


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Paws up for Felix!!!



    Oh wow, how exciting for you!!! Another kitt to love 🙂 Concats to you! Felix is one lucky guy!



    What a charming devil, that little Felix 😉 Congrats to all of you! I wouldn’t worry too much about your landlord…mine doesn’t know about Sawyer (but they know about Roxy). My maintenance guy knows I have two babies ( I let his granddaughter visit R & S sometimes when I’m home) and he promises not to tell. As a matter of fact, he was the one who said don’t bother telling the ladies in the office!

    So when do we get pictures of the handsome prince? 🙂



    Aww I knew it! Once they pick you out it is so hard to rehome them. Felix is a lucky kitten.



    Yay for little Felix!. And you should be able to edit your profile without loosing your posts. I shortened myself to AV over a year ago and I still see my old posts from 3 yrs ago. GD just shortened herself not too long ago.



    Thank you for the congrats from all of you. Thanks for the link to the song, 12Pawz! Felix the cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat! I know there was a show but didn’t know the song. Now I will sing this to Felix as I always sing to my cats (silly I know but I just like to sing and it tends to sooth them). CSBM…that is hilarious!! As to how many cats I have, when they sent me the lease agreement, they didn’t know I had two cats. Unfortunately I accidentally said how many so they wanted names and such on the lease agreement. I am hoping Felix’s eye color doesn’t change as I would like to have a blue eyed kitty but based on his mostly black coat, they probably will change when he matures and will probably be amber like Sylvester’s. They say blue eyes come from the color of the coat that has a lack of something so that white cats or siamese cats (who are white when born) usually have blue eyes. I found this info online:

    Cat eye colors starts when they are born. Kittens are born with blue eyes and change color when they mature. Most adult cats have coppery brown, orange, yellow, or green eyes; a few remain blue due to coat color genes. Because of breeding, a range of colors is produced in domestic cats from sparkling blue through green to orange.

    Most eye color is not governed by coat color, except for blue eyes. Blue eyes are cause by forms of albinism that lead to a lack of pigmentation in both the coat and the iris, and occur in cats with white coats. Blue-eyed white cats are often deaf as well.



    Yay Yay Karin for you felix and sly and mia! Yay Yay and yay again. Hmm thinking we shoudl hook up and look for a cat show soon haha I think ones in november to maybe get some toys haha and feathers.



    And one makes three!! ConCATulations my friend on your new addition. We’re all such suckers,aren’t we? Felix knew what he was doing & he’ll show his appreciation for yrs. to come!



    M2MC, I agree on going to another cat show with you! Definitely need to pick more toys to add to the 25 or so toys my cats already have! November should be okay as Felix will be at least 4 months by then.

    Well Sylvester met Felix tonight. Both kitties were so calm and there was no hissing. Both had huge eyes and Sylvester moved very slowly. I was holding Felix and petting Sylvester at the same time. They both looked at each and then Sylvester turned around and walked out. Mia was behind Sylvester and didn’t come in. It was sooner than I wanted and because it took Felix a little bit to relax after the encounter, it is best to maybe wait another 5-7 days. Give Felix at least a week or two to get acclimated and feeling more comfortable.



    Congratulations, Karin! That is great news! You are a new mommy and you saved a little life.

    So now it’s Mia in the Middle, eh? tee hee

    Of course they all just need some time. Blessings to you all!



    How wonderful! I was so hoping you’d keep the little guy. He sure knew the way to your heart! (and to all of ours by osmosis)



    Such wonderful news! Yay for Felix and he has a wonderful loving home. So glad you found him and he is safe and happy now.



    {{{{{Felix and Karin}}}} Little boy, you sure lucked out on this one. Felix means happy and I just know you will be now, with your new meowmy and family. Concatulations, Karin! I hope Sylvester and Mia come round quickly 🙂



    You wonderful lady, and you lucky cat!



    Oh thats wonderful news! I’m sure the four of you will be very happy!

    You know what I have learned is that the kitties that you rescue from the streets are the most appreciative little creatures. They know where they have been and why it’s soooo much better with you!



    I am so happy to hear you have been chosen by another tuxie SMFM. And love your new name too! ConCATulations 🙂



    Purrfect news, concatulations on your new addition to your furever furry family as Felix SMFM!



    Debsterwiz, everytime I feed Felix, he plays a bit and then when he starts to tire a bit he comes and cuddles on me with nuzzling my chin and giving me headbonks all the while purring up a storm. I feel sad in the morning when I have to leave for work leaving Felix alone in the bathroom. Hopefully in a week or so after I kitten proof my place, I can slowly introduce him to Sylvester and Mia. Have to think through about the box spring on the bed (Sylvester and Mia have both managed to destroy the thin gauze material that is suppose to protect the bottom part of the box spring). I don’t want Felix climbing up into that area so looks like I might purchase some sort of plastic wrap to wrap the box spring in. I also will need to tape off the bottom part of the fridge so he can’t get behind it and also my TV stand with the glass front partition as I don’t want him to get stuck there either. Will be busy this weekend kitten proofing my place.


    KYKAT 12 23

    I see you changed your name! You will have a super busy weekend kitten proofing, but it will all be worth it when you can have him out in the rest of the place.


    Yay! Congratulations Karin! You are such a good kitty momma anyway 🙂 Felix, you are lucky little guy!



    So excited for you – and Felix! Enjoy him!

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