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    1. Are egg yolks good for kittens?

    2. Should yolks be fed raw, boiled or scrambled?

    3. How many yolks per day are fine?

    Pepper and Mint (litter mates) are 7 weeks old. However, their tastes for food are different.

    The above question is for Pepper, who just loves yolk. In fact, hard boiled yolk was the first solid food she ate. She also likes fish (which I heard is not too good), but does not like chicken.

    Mint loves chicken and fish, but hates yolk.

    The food that they both commonly like is fish, and both hate chicken liver.

    So I end up preparing different foods for both. My question is still about egg yolk. Any other suggestions are welcome.



    Egg yolk is a fantastic food, full of protein and a host of other excellent nutritional elements. Raw, raw, raw. Cooking egg yolk lessens its nutritional value. However, do not put the white in with the yolk. Mix the yolk in with wet (preferably raw) food (not dry, as this will cause bacteria to grow on the dry) just before you feed your cats. I would not give more than one a day between them. I mix raw egg yolks into large batches of raw food, with many other added ingredients, then freeze the batch in daily servings for my two girls. I also lightly cook the egg white so that its avadin is preserved, and mash it, adding it to the mix. Some cats don’t like egg white, so you need to experiment with it. Most cats will eat yolk if it’s hidden by mixing it into their wet food. Don’t give your cats fish more than once a week, as it is full of contaminants, such as mercury – this is highly toxic, and cats are highly sensitive to toxins.



    When we adopted Shadz from the SPCA at 7-8 weeks old they advised us to feed her cottage cheese mixed with a raw egg. She loved it and thrived on it even through a very nasty dose of cat flu at 9 weeks when we nearly lost her. Even now she loves to have a teaspoon of cottage cheese occasionally.



    I try give eggs as well at least once a week. The litterbox will show you if what you gave is too much.

    I always feed the yolk raw but slightly cook the white. Raw is for sure the way to go when feeding eggs (or meat)!



    This thread is great! 🙂 thanks for the infos! I’ll be feeding my orphans raw yolk today! 🙂 mixed with their wet food, of course. Can someone help as to how much yolk I should feed them? And is it OK to store opened yolk in the fridge for a day or two?

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