Dog in Japan stays by the side of it’s ailing friend

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    Oh, WOW–that was heart-wrenching to watch, but I’m glad they said both dogs were rescued and receiving Vet care. I just wonder why they put them at different facilities to be cared for? I would think , especially the Spaniel, would recover better knowing his friend was being taken care of, too. The loyalty and love given by animals never ceases to amaze me.

    Thanks CM

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    I’m so glad they were both rescued and are alive, but I have to agree – they need to be together!….


    CM – great minds think alike!

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    That was gut wrenching to watch. I’m glad they were rescued but also wish they’d gone to the same place.

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    Oh I wanted to cry when I first started watching the video! Thank God that they are both receiving help (((prayers for the Japan doggies)))

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    OMG i sat watching this in tears… im so pleased they have been rescued and that they r still together.. They need to be…

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