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    We bought cat shampoo for my persian cat.. and we left it open and fell on the floor!! :(( And nothing is left,

    Cat shampoo here in the Philippines is really expensive,

    I cannot afford to buy one

    and my kitty needs to be bathe weekly (Cause he gets stinky

    everytime! After eating he licks/cleans himself and all the food he ate smells

    on his fur :(..

    So u guys have any idea how to make homemade cat shampoo??

    I heard about dish soap.

    is this safe??

    We have dishwashing soap here but it says it has some Vitamin E

    And makes your hand softer, well can I still use it on him??

    I wanna wash my kitty now, it’s been a week since his last bath..

    thanks!! hope u can help me…



    hey Raii,

    Kitty shampoo is not available where I am so I used dish-washing soap as suggested by the members here. Some recommend Dawn dish-washing soap but that’s not available here either so I used what was available. Enjoy the fact that kitty still lets u bathe him. I used to bathe Charger regularly until I tried it again this Sunday and I was rewarded with bites and scratches and hisses :(. Guess his bathing days are over sigh!

    Dee Dee



    There are recipes on the web such as this one that is quite generic

    Make sure to use plain dish soap to limit the possibility of a toxic ingredient or you could use baby shampoo if that is available.

    Another possibility is to melt castile soap flakes and mix them in for the detergent part of the formula.



    Ok this might sound crazy but its a little secret that cat breeders use…. Johnson&Johnson baby powder… Its actually called dry shamooping your cat and it actually works best on long haired cats.

    All you need to do is get a comb.. Sprinkle the baby powder evenly on her coat and comb it threw don’t forget the problem areas like the back of hind legs,stomach and behind ears…. It leaves the coat lovely and silky and an added bonus is it actually help comb out mats easier and prevents them from forming so much in the first place and leaves the cat smelling lovely you only have to do this once a week even once a fortnight would do for indoor only cats.. I do this with my long haired tabby and i don’t know what id do without baby powder now!



    Thank you for all your replies!

    yea Whiskers loves bathing, but he hates the sound of the blow dryer >_<

    maybe it’s because our weather here is a humid that’s why he loves baths..

    he loves being washed and when he’s wet he never shivered not even once. 🙂

    and I have another cat who hates taking a bath and I get a scratch everytime too.. so I never bathe him again 🙁 (I just wipe him with a wet wash cloth)

    I never heard about the baby powder.. and I trust whatever u guys say..

    good thing I have baby powder here! I will use it now :3

    Thank you!!!!



    I’d be a little hesitant to use baby powder because of the fragrances added and cats licking themselves. I don’t think you would want them breathing talcum powder either. But, I have read you can sprinkle the coat with corn starch and brush it through. I’ve done that with Lucy since she wasn’t grooming herself for a while (mouth pain.) I just dipped her brush in corn starch and brushed her. It really did make her look cleaner and less greasy. It isn’t the same as shampooing but can help some.



    Corn starch can be used too your right about that EC also potatoe starch.. The Johnson & Johnson is recommend as it actually has the least ingredients of most baby powder but as long as its only once.a week or fortnight it shouldn’t be an issue. It fine until you.get your shampoo again 🙂 your lucky she likes her baths



    Thanks, your replies helped a lot.. Aww I already did the baby powder

    and brushed him thoroughly until the powder is shaken off..

    His fur is softer

    and he smells like

    a cute baby 🙂 I promise to use it once a week though.. so don’t worry 🙂

    and it’s a stuff made for babies so I hope the ingredients

    won’t be harsh to him.

    If he gets dirty easily again, I will use cornstarch to de-grease him.

    it’s easier to Dry shampoo than wetting and drying him >_<

    but I will still bathe him maybe every 2 weeks.

    thank you kitty lovers *lovelovelove * XOXO

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