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    Tracy Watzek

    Hello, my 3-year old cat, Lily, who is more of a cat-dog than a cat, has suddenly become terrified of the ceiling fans. It doesn’t matter if they are on or not. She has lived with the ceiling fans her entire life. I’ve read several posts where the ceiling fan fear is due to a new fan, but this is not the case; Lily’s fear suddenly manifested after 3 years of living with ceiling fans. We took her to the doctor yesterday – she was declared healthy physically and prescribed prozac (1ml/day). She is currently holed up in the one room without a fan. Does anyone have any advice about how to desensitize her to the fans? We desperately want her back to running the house and keeping the dogs in line.



    Hi Tracy, how frightening for your cat and worrying for you. Something must have caused this to happen but what it is you may never find out. The only thing I can suggest is distraction. Have Lily in a room with a fan that is not working to get her used to fans again and then distracting her with playtime and toys and lots of reassuring cuddles and giving her somewhere in the room to feel safe from the fan like a box on it’s side to sit in. Take it slowly and gently before trying her in a room with the fan on at slowest speed. Not easy as I see you live in California and it is Summer for you.



    Yes, to what MS said. For some reason, something (a loud noise probably) frightened her and she associates it with the ceiling fan. It didn’t necessarily have to be anything associated with the fan, but SHE thinks it is. Desensitizing with toys, play, treats, etc. is a great way to get her to calm down. That, and plenty of patience from you! 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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