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    Warning – Cuteness Overload Alert – Management is not responsible for accidents occurring due to improper air bags.

    Winter has the coldest days of the year and one of the best ways to stay warm is a cuddle puddle. Cuddling releases oxytocin. This hormone alone has huge health benefits. Besides giving us warm and fuzzy feelings, oxytocin reduces pain. So when the cold has made those muscles and joints ache, cuddling can help reduce the aches and pains. Hey, who doesn’t love an adorable furball sitting in your lap purring away? Cuddle my friends, cuddle!

    Have a happy~



    JJ, so glad to hear Huey showed up and got noms. Come on Mama cat and Star, come home for nos and warmth.
    Oh no PM, between the two of you the gazpacho is a bust but allergies being what they are it is best we stay away from those foods.
    Sitting here watching a movie I’ve seen before while Mr MS sleeps in his chair and the fan keeps us cool. I should probably shut the door to prevent the mozzies coming inside but the requires I move and I am quite comfortable at the moment.



    That little orangie has the cutest look ever!
    Everyone checked in, yay! If they cuddled, I wouldn’t worry as much about them because they could easily fit in the heated shelter. Currently, Star loves it and it has the extra bonus of looking at the back door, so she knows to watch for me.
    I’ve got some pea soup brewing in the slow cooker, perfect for today. Made the trek to the mailbox, but it’s not the day to be out. Sipping egg nog and watching the sunset over the mountain from my living room is much better!



    Yay ! Doing the Happy Dance that all your JJ crew have checked in JJ. So good to hear considering the harsh weather you are getting at the moment.
    Mr MS and I lost a ‘fight’ with HRH last night about her needing to come in for the night. Neither cheese nor treats worked and when she came close enough to snatch them from us there was some bad tempered growling and hissing. That girl is all cat when she gets over the doorstep until she wants to be a ‘pet’ again. I was woken by rain in the wee hours and knew now was my chance so down to the door I trooped and open the door. I could see a cat shape through the screen door so unlocked and opened it and HRH comes half way in but stops to nom the treats that were still on the doorstep. Sigh. Come on cat I am thinking, glad it was dark and wet as I stood there in my undress. Noms eaten and in she comes and I fill her saucer with kitten milk and top up her crunchie bowl. Found out this morning when I filled up her saucer I really filled it. Totally no freeboard left. Memo to self – open fridge and use fridge light to pour milk by next time. No way is that saucer moving until she has sucked the level down quite a bit or it sets into kitty junket. Sigh.
    About 10am this morning the rain stopped and the sun came out just as I was really getting into it scrubbing the layer of moss,mold and dirt from Winter off the decking. I am now waiting for the next shower if we get one. Some of my tomatoes look rather sad from too much water even though they are free draining. I had a female Monarch butterfly hatch out this morning and she is sunning herself out on a pretty red penstemon flower.



    That kitten sandwich is adorable! They’re all adorable, of course, but the expression on the wee tabby mite’s face is just so sweet. Little dark one too busy feeding to notice.

    JJ – so glad all your kits are OK! It can be so hard to persuade street cats that they are safe inside.

    When I was adopting Flicker he was so grateful to have regular meals but too terrified to stay inside; I could get him inside with food but then he’d bolt. Even when it was pouring rain he was too scared to go into the external laundry, which didn’t have a door. Instead, he’d huddle against the wall under a bush. Eventually one night I put a blanket on the kitchen floor near the back door and just picked him up, brought him into the house and pointed to the blanket. He looked at me very apprehensively and crept onto the blanket, where he stayed all night. After that I could bring him inside, but it took another week before he’d venture into the next room off the kitchen. He finally realised that he was now a house cat and took full advantage of the domestic comforts on offer. In his case I think he had once been a domestic cat and had been abandoned or got lost; certainly he had been badly traumatised. Once he realised he could trust me he trusted me absolutely, and he stuck very, very close to his new home.

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    Love Flicker’s story PM. We have to earn their trust.
    With Shadz being an indoor/outdoor cat she swings from almost feral outside and pampered, spoiled Queen inside who has everyone tending to her every whim especially now she is elderly. She hasn’t brought in any mice for some time now either because she can’t be bothered or because she can’t catch them and I am going with the former.



    I am havng a hard time fathoming that on the other side of the world it is decidedly blisteringly hot, while here extreme cold warnings abound – as in -38C with wind chill!!! Fortunately I do have the right outdoor gear for all weathers – plus high cleated bot as there might be black ice under deceptive floofy white snow! 😮

    For sure my plethora of hand knit sweaters – some of them srsly warm – are earning their keep! 😉

    As per I sment the day tucked up in warm bed listening to howling winds.

    PG, pics are indeed requiring airbags at the ready.

    And MS, those 2 cuddly gif’s – squeeeee!

    My meagre contributions to the cuddle fest:



    Miss Gaea is like HRH. The other day Miss Gaea almost caught a bug but it was out of paw range and she wasn’t moving from her sunshine. The two kittens cuddling looks so familiar. I never know when the bath is going to become a wrestling match with Miss Gaea and LilBit.

    Flicker sounds like a lovely boy. Yes, it is a matter of trust esp. if they’ve been abandoned.

    It’s good everyone checked in JJ.



    I did a double take at today’s cafe ….. first thought was it was honouring Queen Cuddles, who passed around this time a couple of years ago, at 19! But maybe it only means that to me …. good memories!

    Still too cold to let Caddy out but maybe tmrw …. temps headed back to the 70 s.

    Today, I finished de-Christmas ing ….. converted to Gasparilla decor …. arrrrrrgh mateys!!! Can believe its that time of year again!!!



    AV, is Atuin outside in his pond or do you have him inside?



    I see no reason why we can’t honor Miss Cuddles – Buttons gets a shout out on button day!



    Awwwe, thx all, Cuddles would be so proud!

    Yes, MS, A’tuin has been inside ….. he’s doing fine in a box on the window seat!

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