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    junno falcon

    This is good to know, I will have this idea applied to my cats, but I guess this is also possible for dogs.

    Junno Falcon
    “health information management officer for



    Bumpity bump for newbie Crystal…



    On Line Vet Link:



    Be Aware – Canned Cat Food SOS:
    canned cat food additive

    Peer-reviewed, published research indicates that food-grade carrageenan is known to cause intestinal inflammation and serious related diseases, with the potential to lead to cancer, even in small doses. 🙁



    I checked out article, called my vet and sent it to them. As Cornucopia Institute is not a recognized veterinary governing body and there is not even a vet on their board, they are not at all concerned.

    This is similar to fears of paraben in skin care products. I asked my dermatologist and when she told me that she uses products with paraben in them on her own baby, and that this has no validity in her medical opinion, this answered my question.

    I think that we should all be a bit careful before posting warnings, unless as has at times been the case they come from pet food mfr. I mean this in friendship, but there is so much stress now, I for one don’t need more. Hope that this is not taken badly.



    Hmm, IMHO I’d rather be aware than sorry later.



    Another FYI: link about pet food.
    from article:
    If you know someone who has a pet or plans to get one, please please please share this info with them.

    We want our pets as healthy as us!

    Sharing only as information – not making a pro or con statement.
    Please no need to respond to me personally via email.
    Post your comments on TDK since it is a wonderful open forum.



    how do you do?
    i am sorry for bothering u… but if u do not mind i want to ask u whether my kittens are healthy or not.. they sleep most time is this normal or not.. reply to me soon please



    If you are caring for your kittens as proper nourishment etc -no this is not problem.
    Kittens sleep a lot!
    From article on yahoo:
    The reason is that cats use huge amounts of energy when they hunt (play for domestic cats) and they need to conserve energy in between their hunting activity. When a cat (or any living thing for that matter) sleeps, it uses very little energy. The longer a cat sleeps, the more energy it conserves and the less often it has to hunt. Although today’s domestic cats don’t really need to hunt, their genes are still the same as before we took them into our homes as pets.

    Kittens tend to sleep just as much or more than grown cats. This is primarily due to the fact that growth hormone is only released during sleep.

    The actual diet of a cat is also a factor. Cats are carnivores. Eating meat makes you sleepy and anyone who’s just had a huge steak can attest to this.



    Here is some information to help with furry/purry financial challenges:
    Pet Health Network Links
    Check them out!

    Also Helpful
    Fading Kitten Syndrome:

    What Is “Fading Kitten Syndrome” and Why Do So Many Foster Kittens Die from It?

    What Is “Fading Kitten Syndrome” and Why Do So Many Foster Kittens Die from It?
    The word “syndrome” should be a tip off. Fading kitten syndrome is not a single entity; rather, it describes a large number of problems and conditions that can cause death in young kittens.

Viewing 11 posts - 91 through 101 (of 101 total)

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