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    I was going to call the hospital and ask about Amy and her surgery but the kids are just not cooperating at this time and soon it will be dinner/bath etc…

    I have the password that you need to get info and an 800 number..



    She posted last night that the procedure was due to begin at 1 p.m. CST, take a full hour to position her for the surgery, then the surgery last an estimated 2.5 to 4 hours long. Then she’ll be in recovery for quite some time before being moved to ICU. So she would still be in surgery at this time. I doubt seriously anyone can get an update this soon. Maybe later this evening.



    Yes I called. She was still in surgery, but the best suprise was the fact that her FAMILY was there! I am so very thankful that they where there for her. I spoke with the nurse in the waiting area. She wouldn’t give any information about the surgery, but she did speak with the family and they relayed that the surgery was still on going. Again I am thrilled that she had family there for her after all!



    Thank goodness!That is good news. So glad her family is there. I figured the surgery would last long, but I didn’t think I would be able to call. Thanks SM.



    Thank you, SM! And thank goodness her family is there.



    Thanks SM. It’s been impossible for me to concentrate on anything here but what Amy is going thru.


    LadyKat of IA

    Thanks, SM, for getting an update of what’s going on. At least, we know she’s still in surgery and that her family is there. I’m glad someone is there for when she comes out of recovery later this evening.


    Whew! Soo glad her family is there. I couldn’t imagine they wouldn’t be, but ya never know. Just like everyone else is, I’m keeping her in my thoughts and prayers and will be anxiously awaiting news on our miracle kid!



    Wow..what a wonderful surprise to hear that Amy’s family is with her! Jeff and I are both praying for Amy to come through this strong and with a brighter healthier future. Thank you SM for making the call. Thank you too Jen…with all you have your hands full with that you’re still right here trying to keep up with what Amy’s going through.



    Yes, thanks so much Jen and SM. What a relief that her family are there with her. When I went to bed last night I actually dreamed about her operation — I guess you could say she is on my mind! (like she is on everybody else’s).



    I was so distressed with the thought of her being there with no family. You have no idea how good it was to hear her family was there. I know she doesn’t have the greatest relationship with her Mom or her sister, but for a change it seems they are thinking of her.



    Thanks for the update, Jen and SM.



    Thank you both. Like everyone else, I have been distracted all day, thinking about and praying for Amy.



    ….. ditto… thanks for the update, she’s been in my prayers today!

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