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    Well March 7th was my birthday and lets start with when I woke up.

    I couldn’t move my head as I was in pain. I had done something to my neck and not sure what. So I finally got up, got some heat on it and could move about 20 degrees left and right of center. Enough for me to go to my parents and see what was up with my neck.

    Got to my parents and my dad thinks I tore a muscle. Oh yeah fun fun. So I drive over and pick up the meds he tells me to get and in the process I almost get hit by a truck. Which of course made me jerk my head to look at the moron and also to swerve. Neither which did me any good for my neck. I felt something pop and more pain in my neck which was even more fun.

    I get back to my parents and my dad has made me an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow.

    Ok that was my neck and all that fun and it’s about noon. Now for the afternoon fun.

    I drive home and my check engine light comes on so I turn around and head for the dealership and find out that my catalytic converter is going out and needs to be replaced. I ask how much and it’s 2500 for them to do it. I call another place I know and it’s 450 as I know the owner and the mechanic who would do the work.

    I get out of the dealership area to find I have a flat tire and they claim it had to of come in like that. I disputed that as they would have noticed it if it did and I pitched one heck of a fit and they fixed it free. So one good thing so far.

    I finally get home to find that Callie had found her way on top of the fridge and destroyed my dinner rolls and some other goodies she found up there. Oh well it was easy to clean up and I’m amazed at how she got up there… nothing to climb on to get up there.

    I got back outside to get some stuff out of my car and by now it’s about 3:30 and I hear a loud pop noise and the neighbor was out with their mower for whatever reason and kicked up a rock.. into one of the windows on my car… so they and I went down to the glass place and I was fortunate to get my car in immediately and window fixed and left town again this time about 5:45.

    Took the neighbor home then went back into town to get some dinner. Ate and then headed back to the house and almost hit a deer.

    My neck hurts, my back hurts, my head is pounding, and this is one birthday I really want to forget!

    Ok rant is over



    Wow I don’t blame you for wanting this birthday to be over,good grief! I hope you discharged all the bad luck you were going to get for the year.I hope your car starts to behave and you can find out what is wrong with your neck. I’m kinda worried with all the popping going on. If you can’t for some reason get into see your Dr I would go to the ER if I were you.

    Well feel better and btw cats can get almost anywhere where there is a nice smell wafting down. I’ve had cats actually get into my closed kitchen cabinets and take stuff out. Be careful with angelfood cakes,lol



    OMG! What a day to forget and a very good reason re-schedule your birthday for another day. I’m glad you can get the car fixed at much lower price and I’m pleased you ‘convinced’ the dealership people to repair the flat tyre. Good on you for convincing them. Oh Callie, you wee mountain goat, were the dinner rolls tasty? Thank goodness you were able to get the window repaired so quickly.

    Now, your neck, I hope your Doctors visit goes well and your neck heals quickly.

    Happy Birthday by the way, Happy happy Birthday. Now pick a new date for you to celebrate your birthday for this year.



    The birthday is over and my brothers is on Friday. I have a heating pad on my neck and I have more side to side movement as of now but not much up and down movement. So that’s a good sign of nothing torn. I have a 8hr heating pad I attach to my neck so when I go to sleep I am going to put that on and see how I feel in 8 hrs.



    KL82, I hope the heating pad works magic on your neck. Have you seen that MC over on the Night Shift had a bad day too.



    Geez, KL, don’t blame you for wanting to forget this birthday. How about rescheduling it for another day. (Callie, you little mischief-maker!)



    Hope today is a better day! Let’s just celebrate today–happy un-birthday! Cake and ice cream for all!



    Aw KL, feel better wishes and take a special day to enjoy as your day when you finally feel up to par, maybe with your bro as a birthday duo!

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