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    when i took my kitten to the vet hes 5 months but only weighs 3 ibs in weight,as the runt of the litter,hes eating and drinking and playing now but was poorly with a urine infection as on antibiotics now but vet told me just to feed him anything as long as hes eating,im feeding him on royal canin as the the best for runt kittens???



    You could buy a tube of Feline Nutrical at the pet store. It’s a high caloric paste that most cats like the taste of. It is also packaged by GNC as Ultra Mega High Calorie Booster. Either one will give your little guy some extra nutrition.

    You might also want to add some regular (human) baby food to his diet. Pick chicken or turkey that doesn’t have anything else added. The list of ingredients should be “Chicken and water”, no other spices or herbs.



    Hi Lainey,

    I also have a runt girl, yet I have to say that I don’t add up some special food for her. The vet also found out that Milly had parasites on the 5th day after I got her. I added Nutri-Cal for the first two weeks and tried to feed her kitten formula, but she wasn’t interested in both.

    I fed Milly exclusively on RC Babycat, but she ate so little. She lost appetite during her medication and Whiskas Junior wet was all she wanted to eat. Though Whiskas might not the best option for cat food, it helped her going through the problem. She’s now been gaining threefold. On whiskas wet, mixed with RC Babycat dry. I’m still on the way to get her back on better diet. But i’d say, that “as-long-as-he-eats” policy is indeed good. You can always fix the diet later. Now he really needs to recover, and if he’s losing appetite, Hill’s a/d might help as a start. But maybe you gotta have to venture a bit through some brands of cat food to find the one your cat loves the most. Just pay attention on the ingredients details, and beware of some coloring and preservatives.

    Good luck!


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    There are some good ideas on these links too about feeding for both normal and picky kittens….

    These are great websites to help with raising kittens, if we haven’t given them to you before, and the last one has a feeding chart:

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