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    I couldn’t decide if I wanted to incorporate this special day into Mother’s Day but then I decided JJ and her crew deserved a time all to

    You made the crews loved, healthy and cared for and they made you their Meowmy!

    Thank you JJ. You are a beautiful soul.




    PG is right, you are a beautiful soul JJ! You love and care for your crew and they pay you back by coming back and letting you love on them! Anyhow, that’s what cats are for!! Happy Birfday to all of them!



    Thanks so much guys! They have been a pleasure to care for. It’s been a rough day for them as it has rained all day, but the door was open to them when they wanted a snack or a cuddle. Dewey spent most of the day inside, at one point purring and nuzzling and looking at me upside down. It looked like he was saying, “Tell me again how you became my mommy!”
    Thinking of my sweet neighbor today on her birthday. The chestnut tree in her yard is in peak bloom and looks beautiful!



    There’s a late night concert in their honour!



    Oh, cool! So it’s the outdoor crew’s birthday or gotcha day? That’s something special to celebrate for sure!



    Actually it’s neither, ECB. I designated the day to honor my late neighbor on her b-day.
    Somewhere I have a pic of one of the kittens in my neighbor’s wood pile. If it’s dated, I could have a better idea of how old they are, but till then it’s sort of a wild guess!



    Happy Roberta Day JJ.
    You were and still are an angel to take over the mantle of caring for her kittens now known as the JJ crew. I do love hearing about the all and what they are doing.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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